Sikorsky to Open Office in UAE

Facts about Sikorsky Aircraft
• Ninety-one years ago, Igor Sıkorsky started the company that bears his name in the United States, designing and building fixed wing aircraft, including transoceanic flying boats.

• In 1939, Igor designed and flew his experimental single rotor helicopter for the first time. The success of his single main rotor design (connected to an anti-torque tail rotor) gave birth to a global helicopter industry, and forever changed aviation history.

• Today, 95 percent of the world’s helicopters feature the singe main rotor design.

• Stratford, Connecticut-based Sikorsky Aircraft currently employs approximately 16,000 people worldwide. Sikorsky is a part of the United Technologies Corporation based in Hartford, Connecticut.

Sikorsky builds many of the world’s most iconic military helicopter brands: CH-53 heavy lift; BLACK HAWK; SEAHAWK; S-92.

Sikorsky is a founding member of AMMROC (Advanced Military Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center), a joint venture owned by Mubadala Aerospace, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Lockheed Martin Corporation. AMMROC provides a wide range of aircraft maintenance and support services to the UAE Armed Forces and other military operators throughout the South Asia, Middle East and North Africa regions.

Sikorsky to Open Office in UAE
Sikorsky is finalizing plans to open a regional office in Abu Dhabi. Expected to open in the second half of 2015, the office will expand the company’s presence in the UAE and complement the newly created Advanced Military Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (AMMROC) facility.


The Sikorsky-built MH-60R SEAHAWK® helicopter (aka’ Romeo’) is the U.S. Navy’s most sophisticated maritime helicopter. The U.S. Navy has brought an MH-60R to IDEX/NAVEX
The U.S. Navy uses the MH-60R helicopter as its ‘eyes and ears’ to find and see threats — on the surface and under the sea surface – many miles away from the host ship.
The aircraft also is used to combat piracy, and to assist in humanitarian disaster relief efforts wherever U.S. Navy ships are operating.
As the ship’s eyes, the MH-60R helicopter protects U.S. Navy ships from hostile submarines and ships.
• Key sensors include a radar and imaging sensor to identify ships, and an active acoustic sonar to detect submarines.
• Powerful broadband data links allow the aircraft to send imagery and radar and sonar data to the host ship, allowing the ship’s commander to see what the helicopter sees in real time at over-the-horizon distances.
Weapons include 2 torpedoes or up to 8 Hellfire air to surface missiles, and a 50 cal machine gun.
• All sensors, digital cockpit and integrated mission systems are installed by Lockheed Martin.
Sikorsky and mission systems integrator Lockheed Martin have delivered 200 MH-60R aircraft since 2006. Australia and Denmark also have purchased the aircraft.

M28 short take-off and landing airplane

• Sikorsky produces a rugged short take-off and landing airplane called the M28.
• Simplicity and durability are the principal traits of the M28 multi-purpose utility airplane. The aircraft is trusted worldwide in some of the most hostile environments and extreme altitudes, which is why military and civil operators admire this tough aircraft.

• The M28 is the airplane of choice wherever there is a need for a fixed wing aircraft to take off and land on rough ground, or a very short runway. Highly versatile for a range of missions, the aircraft can fly at high altitude, or perform passenger transport, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, and troop assault and extraction.

• The M28 STOL aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B turboprop engines.

• The aircraft can carry 19 passengers or more than 2 tonnes of cargo, into the air after just 548 meters of runway. It is also equipped with a suite of avionics.

• With its large, easily reconfigurable cabin, rear cargo door, rugged design and strong heritage, the M28 is a true multi-purpose, short take-off and landing airplane, which has been adapted to operate from paved and unimproved austere runways, high elevation airfields, and in a variety of weather conditions.

BLACK HAWK helicopter
Sikorsky is best known for the BLACK HAWK multi-role helicopter flown by the U.S. Army and 26 other militaries worldwide.
BLACK HAWK helicopters are best known for combat assault and utility missions. U.S. Army BLACK HAWK aircraft have accumulated almost 10 million flight hours, including almost two million combat flight hours.
BLACK HAWK aircraft are available in a range of configurations and equipment to suit an operator’s specific missions.
1. Sikorsky expects to deliver UH-60M BLACK HAWK aircraft — the most modern variant — to the U.S. Army into the 2020s. The U.S. Army is expected to operate BLACK HAWK aircraft into the 2070s.
2. In June 2014, the U.S. Air Force awarded Sikorsky a contract to begin developing a combat rescue helicopter fleet. The HH-60W will replace the service’s 112 Combat Search and Rescue HH-60G PAVE HAWK fleet that Sikorsky built in the 1980s. The HH-60W will provide the USAF with significantly improved lift, range, payload and avionics compared to the current fleet.

S-92 heavy lift helicopter

• S-92 helicopters are flown by 10 heads of state. In May, 2014, the S-92 aircraft was selected by the U.S. Navy to transport the President of the United States as part of a replacement fleet of ‘Marine One’ helicopters that Sikorsky will build for operation starting in the 2020s.

• The majority of the more than 230 S-92 users worldwide operate the aircraft for offshore oil and gas transport. This community has accumulated 90 percent of the 800,000 fleet flight hours.

• The S-92 is known for its high reliability and ease of maintenance.

• The S-92 platform also is a successful search and rescue aircraft in Great Britain.

• During the week of the 2014 Hajj in early October, two S-92 aircraft — and two BLACK HAWK helicopters — operated by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior provided security for more than two million during the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

S-97 RAIDER™ next-generation coaxial helicopter

Sikorsky is designing and building the S-97 RAIDER helicopter that could change the way military aviators fly and fight with helicopters.

The S-97 Raider aircraft features counter-rotating rotors and a pusher propeller to fly twice as fast, and be twice as maneuverable, as conventional helicopters.

The S-97 RAIDER helicopter will attain cruise speeds up to 220 knots (253 mph) with dash speeds up to 240 knots (276 mph) or higher.

The single-engine RAIDER aircraft will feature a composite airframe and a max. gross weight of just over 11,000 lbs. powered by a single 2,600-shp General Electric YT706-700R engine.

The RAIDER aircraft is designed to outmatch conventional military helicopters in speed, maneuverability, payload, and high altitude operations.

Two S-97 RAIDER prototypes are in final assembly at Sikorsky’s flight test facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The first RAIDER aircraft is expected to fly by mid-2015, the second before the end of 2015. Flight demonstrations with the second prototype are expected to begin in 2016.

The RAIDER cockpit will fit two pilots sitting side by side. In the armed reconnaissance role, the aircraft will be capable of employing an array of weapons and sensors needed for the mission. The flexible cabin space will provide ample room to carry additional fuel and ammunition for extended missions. In a light utility or special operations configuration, the RAIDER cabin will carry up to six combat-equipped troops.

The two S-97 Raider prototypes are funded by Sikorsky and its 50 industry team members. There is no U.S. military funding for the program. The hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the S-97 Raider program come from Sikorsky (75 percent) and U.S. industry team members (25 percent). Industry confidence in the X2 coaxial design is extremely high.

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