SIHAM AL KHALEEJ TECHNOLOGY, MBDA and GEM present their coastal defence system at IDEX 2015

At IDEX 2015, the UAE company Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT), together with MBDA, the European missile systems company, and GEM elettronica of Italy, are presenting an innovative and cost-effective coastal battery system.
This cooperation is part of a Heads of Agreement signed during the 2013 Dubai Air Show that sees SAKT as the prime contractor and system integrator, MBDA as the supplier of the launchers and the launching systems for the Marte family of missiles and GEM as the coastal battery remote station system supplier.

The coastal defence system can provide both the surveillance of maritime coastal traffic and the interdiction of territorial waters to hostile ships and can launch two different missile options: Marte MK2/N, for those users wanting to control littoral waters at ranges out to 35 Km and Marte ER, for those customers needing to extend control out to a much greater range. The system can be connected through a data-link with an upper level of Command and Control (C2) and can be rapidly deployed anywhere along the coast and easily redeployed on small islands.

The Coastal Battery Remote Station (CBRS 100-MD) is a compact, shelter-contained system, capable of operating in all weather conditions, day or night. As an option, GEM is offering a TV/IIR capability to extend the overall identification performance.
The proposed system will be on display on the SAKT stand and represents the baseline configuration of a Coastal Defence System that satisfies the key requirements of Surveillance, Control and Protection of sea lines of communication as well as the protection of coastal assets.

The baseline is a very simple configuration with a minimum number of components (a high performance surface coastal radar, a shelter with C2 functions and associated equipment and a Marte missile launcher) and a low permanent crew requirement. Marte family missiles will be supplied directly by MBDA.


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