Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation Orders a GrandNew EMS Helicopter

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland and Kaigai Corporation of Japan announced that Shizuoka Air Commuter has placed an order for a GrandNew light twin helicopter to perform emergency medical service missions for Toyama Prefecture. The aircraft is expected to enter service in summer 2015.

This latest purchase is part of the Doctor Heli system programme which is intended to provide modern airborne EMS coverage to all prefectures in Japan. The order further expands the presence of EMS-configured GrandNew helicopters in the Japanese market and continues the growing success of the GrandNew and AgustaWestland’s range of light twin helicopters in Japan.Approximately 80 aircraft have been sold to performa number of missions including EMS, law enforcement, executive/corporate transport and electronic newsgathering.

Shizuoka Air Commuter, in joint venture with Kagoshima International Aviation, was awarded a Doctor Heli contract by Toyama Prefecture offering the GrandNew after a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, demonstrating its ability to meet the demanding mission requirements, especially at high altitudes.

Shizuoka Air Commuter’s GrandNew features a comprehensive EMS configuration with a cabin layout able to accommodate one litter plus up to four medical attendants or two litters plus medical attendants. The aircraft is also fitted with skis, ice detector and EVS (Enhanced Vision System).

The GrandNew’s outstanding performance in terms of speed and range, large cabin with easy access and modern avionics system make it the most capable light twin helicopter for EMS missions. The GrandNew features the most modern developments in avionics and is the first type certified light twin (CS/JAR/FAR 27) to enter service with a new EFIS featuring Synthetic Vision and the first helicopter in this class that fully complies with the latest advanced global positioning system-based navigation requirements for all weather operations.

Orders for more than 340 helicopters from the Grand series have been placed by over 210 customers in almost 40 countries worldwide, to perform many tasks including EMS, SAR, electronic newsgathering, executive/corporate transport, passenger transport, harbour pilot shuttle, maritime patrol and water pollution monitoring.

AgustaWestland’s success in the Japanese helicopter market continues to grow with strong sales in recent years across its complete commercial product range. AgustaWestland Japan’s headquarters, located in Tokyo, has been supporting the company’s growing business in Japan since 2008. Together with Kaigai Corporation, AgustaWestland is committed to expanding the presence for emergency medical services. The helicopter fleet in Japan is also supported by four official service centers which provide maintenance and repair services, confirming AgustaWestland’s commitment to current and future rotorcraft requirements in Japan.

Shizuoka Air Commuter, a subsidiary of Suzuyo& Co., is an aircraft operating company located at Shizuoka Heliport. Established in 1991, it provides a variety of operational services, such as disaster relief support for Shizuoka Prefecture, electronic news gathering for local broadcasting companies and charter transport. Its capabilities also include aircraft maintenance, repair and modification services.

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