The Saudi Safety & Security Forum and Exhibition takes place annually and attracts a broad cross section of the industry to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the industrial hub for the Middle East region. Launched in 2011, SSS Arabia has combined an international exhibition and strategic workshops to serve these extremely important industries – safety, security and fire.

Over 3,000 industry experts are expected to gather to attend this prominent event where they have the chance to experience the latest products and technologies showcased by over 60 exhibiting organisations. Whilst also learning from undisputed industry leaders who will discuss international standards and best practices on safety and security-related topics in the workshops.

This year we are excited to announce a new workshop-led format for the event where select critical topics such as industrial security and critical infrastructure will be discussed in-depth using a mix of presentations, case studies and group exercises. Utilising this new format will ultimately provide attendees with a much broader learning experience which will, in turn, benefit the industry in a much richer way.

Getting the First Step Right: Understanding the Security Risk Assessment API 780
This workshop will introduce the API 780 Security Risk Assessment methodology to the audience. This method has been made mandatory by the High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS) of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the evaluation of security risks facing the industrial facilities in the Kingdom.

Jean Perois CPP, PCI, PSP SVP Industrial Security – ARMADA Technology

Falling Protection
• Develop an interest in Fall Protection and eliminate the fear
• Confidence with the Fall Protection A,B,C’s and general regulations
• General understanding of 3M Falling Protection devices
• Know where to go for help and support
• Be excited about where we are headed

Mohammed Ameen Hatooq Senior Technology Application Engineer 3M Personal Safety Division – 3M Saudi Arabia

State of the Art in Fire and Explosion Modelling and Fire and Gas Detection
Accidental releases of toxic and flammable substances are one of the largest contributors to the hazards of most industrial and offshore facilities. Assessing the consequences and risks of such accidental releases is essential in any Risk Assessment for both onsite and offsite effects.

Dr Madhat Abdel-jawad Managing Director – Australia, Indonesia and Middle East – GexCon

Introduction to Health & Safety General Risk Assessment
This workshop will introduce the risk assessment process. Risk assessment is a significant method of keeping people safe, protecting property and ensuring operations.

From hazard identification through to risk control, participants will be taken though the steps associated with the risk assessment process so that they will have a practical understanding of risk assessment application in their workplace.

Keith Scott MSc, MSc, CFIOSH, FIIRSM, RSP, (Hon) FIIAI, EurOSHM, MIoD, AMBCI, ASSCIPD Group Head of Health, Safety & Security – Almarai Company

KSA’s Industrial Growth and Emerging Security Imperatives
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region besides being the key oil producer in the world. Given the pre-eminent position it enjoys, the stability and growth of the KSA has a large bearing on a number of countries in the region. Moreover, this region unfortunately today is beset by multiple problems and has the potential to impact the growth of KSA’s economic growth. The move towards diversification of the industry by encouraging value addition and manufacturing under the localization programs is expected to lead to expansion of industrial activities.

Niju V Director – Automation and Electronics South Asia & Middle East – Frost & Sullivan

Defensive Driving Standards and Practices: Changing Mind-sets to Save Lives
Defensive driving training uses a “key to the mind”, before the driver puts the key into the car’s ignition. The international standards and practices of the USA’s National Safety Council offers a successful method to change an individual’s approach to driving in very significant ways. The workshop will share some of these life-saving strategies and tactics, and show how you, your company, family, relatives and friends can benefit from adopting defensive driving every time you get behind the wheel.

Dr Daniel Brian Murteda Manager, OD & CSR – Petrofac

Construction Considerations and Standards Development for Today’s Buildings
This seminar will explore many of the reasons and the intent behind today’s building construction practices. This will include some historical events that causes building codes and standards to require change to add specific regulations and reference protection standards. Included in the discussion will be some of the specific benchmarks for testing and review of
construction product standards used today.

Additionally, some of the errors that can impact the building safety for the owners.

Robert J. James Program Manager, Regulatory Services – Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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