Saudi Arabia Tops Global Rankings in Military Vehicles and Armored Might

According to the report published by “Global Firepower,” the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks first among Arab countries and eighth globally in terms of the strength of its military vehicles and armored vehicles. Saudi Arabia has surpassed several regional and global powers in this aspect.

Armored vehicles are one of the Saudi Arabian army’s most formidable assets, with a massive inventory at their disposal.

The report states that the Saudi forces possess over 85,000 armored vehicles and military vehicles, including approximately 64,000 assigned to readiness or reserve forces. This substantial number solidifies Saudi Arabia’s position as an advanced military power, surpassing forces with a rich historical background.

Saudi Arabia’s ranking surpasses several regional military powers in this crucial domain. Egypt, for instance, occupies the tenth position, while Iran ranks thirteenth, and Israel seventeenth. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia outperforms global powers, with the United Kingdom in eleventh place, France in twelfth, Germany in fourteenth, and Italy in fifteenth.

The United States Army secures the first rank with around 303,000 armored vehicles and vehicles. China comes in second place with a total of 174,000, followed by Russia in third place with 151,000 military vehicles. South Korea and Turkey occupy the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

The military website specifies that the category of military vehicles encompasses all types of vehicles, including armored vehicles, assault and combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, rocket launchers, mortar carriers, and other means of military transportation.

It should be noted, based on the information provided by “Global Firepower,” that the statistics do not account for weapons and military equipment still in the developmental or manufacturing phase, which may be on order for the upcoming year.

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