Germany, France sign agreement for next phase of MGCS programme

Photo: German Ministry of Defence.

France and Germany have signed an agreement to advance the next phase of the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) program, aiming to develop a new European main battle tank by 2040 to replace their current fleets. This collaboration builds on a long history of partnership, despite past setbacks due to disagreements.

The defense ministers of both countries remain committed to overcoming these differences.

Their endorsement of the new agreement is crucial to maintaining momentum for this ambitious project. The MGCS program goes beyond hardware, symbolizing the potential for a more strategically autonomous European defense industry.

A German-led consortium including KNDS, Rheinmetall, and Thales will spearhead the development with equal financial contributions from both countries.

French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu emphasized the collaborative nature of the project, describing it as a milestone for the future of armored cavalry in Europe.

German counterpart Boris Pistorius echoed this sentiment, acknowledging the challenges ahead but emphasizing the significance of this step.

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