Satair Receives EMEA Distributor of the Year Award 2015 from Honeywell Sensing and Control

Satair A/S, a world leader in sales and distribution of spares for aircraft maintenance, has been awarded Honeywell Sensing and Control’s (S&C) EMEA Distributor of the Year Award for 2015 amongst 80 other distributors.

The prize is awarded based on Satair’s triple-digit year-over-year growth in distributing Sensing and Control products throughout 2014. New business opportunities and new business wins were key ingredients of this success.
There are several performance levels associated with the award and Satair achieved the highest award level to be collected by a distributor partner.

Remi Volpe, Vice President-general manager, EMEA and Tony Sugalski, President, Honeywell Sensing and Control, presented the award. To accept it, Satair was represented by its dedicated Product Manager, Döndü Deveci, during Honeywell Sensing and Control’s EMEA Sales Kick-Off meeting on January 27 in Monte Carlo.

“We are honoured to be recognized as the top performing distributor for Honeywell in 2015. It is a validation that our focus to develop new business opportunities for our OEM partners. At the same time we support the ongoing business with investments in inventory and offer parts at competitive prices, all done to provide true value-add for our customers. All of this can only be done in a close working relationship between our companies,” Morten Olsen, Vice President of Satair Sales and Product Management at Satair Group comments.

“I want to congratulate Satair for their efforts that contributed to this achievement. Satair truly deserves this award as they have significantly grown the sales of our products during the last year in EMEA,” Remi Volpe, said.

When Satair and Honeywell Sensing and Control started to do business more than 25 years ago – in 1989 – the business was covering what was then known as MICRO SWITCHTM products. Since then, Satair has expanded to include many more product lines, from switches over sensing products to cargo y-guides and complex LRU’s.

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