SafeZone launched at University of Zurich

CriticalArc today announces that the University of Zurich, one of the leading research universities in Europe with 26,000 students has implemented SafeZone. By implementing SafeZone students and staff can now seek assistance with the simple press of a button, wherever they are located across the University estate, giving them the capability to summon support 24/7 via a help point in their pocket.

Available as an app on all common smartphones, students and staff pre-register for SafeZone with some basic personal details and sign up to groups based on their faculty and corresponding use of facilities. The creation of groups ensures that users are provided with the right information relevant to their location and situation such as being directly connected to first aid and security services, being directed during evacuation procedures and being connected to the Swiss emergency services if appropriate.

In the event of an incident, SafeZone provides the University’s Safety and Environment Department with a fast and efficient mass notification capability, allowing University coordinators to send alerts to all staff and students. Tailored instructions can be sent to response teams or messages targeted to specific groups such as building wardens and first aiders or people at a particular location.

SafeZone provides the University with a distributed command and control platform in the event of a major security or environmental threat. The cloud-based SafeZone system shares situational awareness across the whole response team in the field, giving responders access to live operational intelligence and complete incident visibility as an event unfolds, enabling more agile decision-making and ensuring the best possible outcome.

Annette Hofmann, Head of Safety and Environment, University of Zurich, said, “SafeZone provides us with an innovative capability to defend against threats by ensuring our organisation is equipped to deal with a wide range of incidents.”

“Effective mass or group and location-targeted communication enables us to alert staff and students to events and incidents no matter where they are in the city. SafeZone is enabling us to accurately and quickly disseminate information to enhance safety as well as avoid confusion, unnecessary evacuations or students missing classes, which results in optimal business continuity.”

Glenn Farrant, CEO, CriticalArc, added, “The University of Zurich’s decision to implement SafeZone is helping ensure a safer learning environment for students and staff. Fast and simple to implement, SafeZone alleviates the need for adding additional physical security measures such as help points and manned guarding. At the same time as driving significant efficiencies and cost savings, we are helping universities safeguard reputations, offer competitive advantage, and ensure preparedness against environmental and physical threats.”

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