Saab Announces Continued Development in Vehicle Integration for RBS 70 NG

 Defence and security company Saab announces further developments in vehicle integration for the RBS 70 NG system.

Further developments of Saab’s RBS 70 NG system are always underway and two future solutions for highly-mobile deployment are now under evaluation by Saab. An RBS 70 NG vehicle stand solution places the weapon system and operator on the flatbed of a vehicle, while an additional integrated remote weapon station option places the operator inside the vehicle.

Uniquely, both solutions use the same sight, launcher and missile combination, allowing for cost-effective adaption to multiple operational scenarios across various theatres. In test-firings and customer trials the RBS 70 NG has already fired missiles successfully from vehicle and ship. These two new launcher options will further increase flexibility for armed forces.

“This development is in line with our continuous effort to offer modern, cost-effective and world leading air defence solutions to our customers. It is a direct response to customer requests for vehicle-mounted systems, and we are proud to announce that we now continue to refine the conceptual solutions to meet customer demands in the best way possible”, says Michael Höglund, deputy head of marketing and sales at Saab business unit Missile Systems.

Saab’s RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system, with its fully integrated 24/7 all-target capability, has been developed for the most demanding air defence combat situations. Its integrated sighting solution, enhanced missile operator aids, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance combine to produce a system with world-leading capabilities.

The RBS 70 NG sight can be applied in a multitude of system configurations ranging from MANPADS (man-portable air defence system) to manned or even remotely-controlled vehicle integrated air defence systems. The sight is designed to be used with all existing and future generations of the RBS 70 missile family.

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