Russian Helicopters Showcases Commercial and Military Helicopters at Aero India 2015

Russian Helicopters (part of State Corporation Rostec) is taking part in the international air show Aero India 2015, which runs from 18 to 22 February in Bangalore, India. At the exhibition, Russian Helicopters showcases the latest Russian-made commercial and military helicopters.

“India is a key market for the Russian helicopter-building industry, and the largest operator of Russian-made helicopters in the region,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev, who is heading the State Corporation Rostec delegation. “We are planning to develop multilateral cooperation and are pleased to be able to showcase our new projects at this exhibition. In particular, the Ka-226T, which boasts a wealth of advantageous features.”

The Ka-226T is a light, twin-engine multirole, coaxial helicopter. It underwent testing in India during the helicopter tender was cancelled by the Indian authorities last year. The helicopter easily out-performed competitors produced by Western companies during flights in India’s hot climate and mountainous areas.

The Ka-226T with Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 engines can be used in search-and-rescue, patrol or landing operations. Its ease of handling and latest avionics means that this helicopter is easy to manoeuvre in mountainous areas or built-up urban centres.

The absence of a tail rotor and its compact design mean that the Ka-226T can land even on small sites. The Ka-226T can be operated by India’s law enforcement and civilian agencies. Russian Helicopters is proposing to establish production of this model in India.

Due to the growing market for commercial helicopters in the region, Russian Helicopters is showcasing the commercial multirole Mi-8/17 family helicopters, which are popular world-over, and the Ansat, at Aero India 2015.

Commercial Mi-8/17 helicopters have performed excellently in a wide range of operational uses. The Mi-172 passenger helicopter will be on show in India, where it has been certified and is already operated by a range of companies. A VIP-version of the helicopter is also produced. The Ansat can be used to transport cargo and passengers, for surveillance, in search-and-rescue operations and on firefighting and medevac missions.

At Aero India 2015, Russian Helicopters and Rosoboronexport will showcase the latest military-transport helicopters in the Mi-8/17 family. Currently, under a Rosoboronexport contract, the company supplies the latest Mi-17V-5 military-transport helicopters to India. A major contract for their delivery was signed in 2008. The helicopter is designed to transport cargo internally and on an external sling, to carry landing parties, and can be used in search-and-rescue operations or to carry weapons. Indian experts have said they find the Russian-made Mi-17V-5 helicopters irreplaceable in search-and-rescue operations in the country’s mountainous regions.

Russian Helicopters will showcase upcoming models at Aero India 2015, with the Mi-171A2, which is being developed based on Mi-8/17 helicopters. The Mi-171A2 incorporates the wealth of experience Russian helicopters of this type have built up over operations across the world, and the latest technologies and developments in helicopter building. Thanks to a series of innovations, it has been possible to deliver significant improvement in its flight capabilities, make it more cost-efficient, and expand its operational range. The Mi-171A2 can be operated in high mountainous areas, extremely hot and dry climates, dramatic rises and falls in temperature, and in very dusty environments. It does not need a hangar for storage or maintenance. The first prototype Mi-171A2 started flight tests in November 2014.

At Aero India 2015, Russian Helicopter specialists will deliver a presentation for the Indian Ministry of Defence on developing after-sales service programmes for helicopters supplied. New avenues for cooperation opened up in November 2014, when Russian Helicopters received permission to carry out external trade activities involving after-sales service for military helicopters it produced, making it possible to create efficient support systems for military helicopters. Today’s market demands that helicopters, be they commercial or military, are accompanied with full-life-cycle services. Ensuring these systems are in place is a key priority for Russian Helicopters

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