RUAG signs contract as part of the extension of use of the armored infantry fighting vehicles CV9030

 RUAG has signed a contract with the Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds and, as the most im-portant supplier, has secured a comprehensive order as part of the Swiss Army’s extension of use of the armored infantry fighting vehi-cles CV9030 (Nutzungsverlängerung Schützenpanzer 2000). 

The services provided by RUAG include the introduction of measures to extend the use of 186 CV9030 tracked vehicles in four different configurations, as well as other comprehensive services, such as the establishment of a material competence center. 

With this program, the aim is to make the armored infantry fighting vehicles usable until 2040. In particular, assemblies that can no longer be maintained are replaced. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with an active chassis to increase mobility and reduce damage caused by vibrations. 

The program will begin with the production of two series samples in Sweden and the subse-quent production of five pilot series vehicles at RUAG in Thun. After successful testing, the entire fleet will be converted at RUAG, which is expected to continue until 2025. 

BAE Systems Hägglunds, the Swedish division of the British defense company BAE Systems, is the original manufacturer of the CV90 and a direct contractual partner of armasuisse. As the most important supplier, RUAG’s maintenance and development expertise is convincing in this contract. The 186 vehicles will not only be converted and maintained in RUAG’s mate-rial competence center, but will also be further developed. RUAG also develops and pro-duces the Auxiliary Power Unit, which is integrated into the tank

 As a strategic partner and material competence center, RUAG thus supports ensuring the operational readiness and autonomy of the Swiss Armed Forces

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