New products from the company Armament Technology offered by RUAG Ammotec in the Professional Shooter Solutions portfolio

The Canadian optics manufacturer Armament Technology has launched new products. In addition to the redesign of the TT525, the company has introduced the SAI6, a completely new target optic for brilliant optical performance in demanding environments. And what’s more, the XOPTEK Micro-Reflex red dot sight and the Tenebraex honeycomb filter are now available from RUAG Ammotec’s Defense and Law Enforcement business unit.

There is also a new addition to the 5-25x56mm Professional target optics from Tangent Theta. With immediate effect, the TT525 is available in a choice of the standard black and also in Coyote Brown. The TT525 series has also been extended with another reticle named the JTAC. A clear advantage of this reticle is the open or clear space at the top and sides. This makes it easier to identify the target (without obscuring the target).

The SAI™ 6 Series rifle scopes are a robust and versatile solution for a variety of targeting applications at different magnifications. With the LED-illuminated reticle in the first image plane, high-precision distance measurement and ballistic sighting are possible at any magnification. The patented Rapid Aiming Feature™ reticle and superior field of vision improve effectiveness at close range. The robust, tubular construction supports a variety of modular mounting solutions.

All optics from Tangent Theta as well as the SAI6 short-dot rifle scope come with Tenebraex honeycomb filters and dust caps as standard. The honeycomb filters and dust protection caps are also available separately.

The XOPTEK Micro-Reflex red dot sight was developed in house by the company Armament Technology. The developers from Armament Technology recognized the need for better sights for short- and medium-range use. XOPTEK was developed to meet the criteria of a lightweight, cheaper and fast target optic. With various adapter plates, the target optics can either be fitted directly to an ELCAN Specter or directly to the Picatinny rail. The red dot sight has another advantage over competitor products: the CR2032 has a battery life of 34,000 hours (at level 5) and can be changed from the side. This means that the optics do not have to be completely dismantled to change the battery and there is no need to zero in or check the point of impact again. The XOPTEK Micro-Reflex red dot sight is available with a 4MoA or 6MoA large red dot.

All Armament Technology products are available from Ammotec’s Defense and Law Enforcement business unit.

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