Roketsan at IDEX 2015

Long Range Antitank Missile System known as “UMTAS” has been designed to fulfill the heavy armor penetration requirements of attack helicopters against modern tanks. The system is capable of operating in all weather and day/night conditions with “Fire and Forget” and “Fire and Update” modes with a maximum range of 8 km. UMTAS with the flexibility provided by its Lock-On-Before Launch, Lock-On-After-Launch, Lock-On-Update capabilities, offers extensive firing capabilities to targets behind the mask position with adjustable hit point and enabling damage assesment.

UMTAS comes in two versions, primary version is equipped with Laser Seeker and the follow-up version will home an Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) Seeker. Both are equipped with state of the art technologies making it effective against all armoured threats of the modern battlefield. The design and development phases of the Laser version L-UMTAS has been completed. Previously, L-UMTAS has been demonstrated its capability from T – 129 ATAK helicopter against land targets and most recently L-UMTAS has been fired from SH-60 to sea target and successfully hit. With the success of these firing tests, L-UMTAS will begin serial production and to be delivered to Turkish Land Forces by the mid 2015.

The L-UMTAS and CIRIT, defined as the official missile systems of the T – 129 ATAK, use the common launcher and designation properties which enables combining both systems in the same configuration for optimized solution system allowing together for a more lethal effect. L-UMTAS can be integrated on various platforms such as Helicopter, UAV, Land Vehicle, Stationary Platform, Light Assault Aircraft, and Naval Platforms.

ROKETSAN displays the 2.75” Laser Guided Missile so called “CIRIT” a unique all-up round missile designed to eliminate light armored, stationary/moving opportunity targets with high precision and affordable cost. CIRIT, designed as the main weapon system of T-129 ATAK Turkish attack helicopter, is integrated and used by AH-1W Cobra helicopter, AT-802 Arc Angel Border Patrol Aircraft and on EC635 Light Combat Helicopter. CIRIT is also integrated on vehicle mounted weapon stations, autonomous stationary/mobile weapon platforms, stabilized naval weapon platforms for patrol boats and Tactical UAV. Combat proven CIRIT is the first of its caliber to be delivered to different Allied Armed Forces inventory under serial production contract. Easy integration, long range with 8 km, MEMS Based IMU, restriction-free components, Type V Insensitive Munitions characteristics for Warhead and Rocket Motor against Bullet Impact and Liquid Fluid Fire, Smart Launcher with various configurations depending on the requirements of the customer minimum logistics is highlights of CIRIT. ROKETSAN and MBDA Deutschland has signed an agreement to cooperate on CIRIT for the requirements of EC665 TIGER Combat Helicopter (UH-TIGER) in the inventory of German Armed Forces, Bundeswehr. The CIRIT has been successfully delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2012, is in series production and will equip the Turkish Army’s attack helicopters. Roketsan has also won a contract from the UAE to sell the CIRIT system, worth $196.2 million, making the Emirati Army the first foreign customer for system.                       

A next generation weapon system, Stand-Off Missile “SOM” system is the family cruise missile, with complex guidance technologies and warheads designed to enhance the air-to-surface warfare capabilities of fighter aircraft. SOM is an autonomous, long range (250 km), low observable, high precision, all weather, air to surface new generation cruise missile to be used against highly defended, anti-access and high value stationary and moving land/surface (ASuW) targets. Under serial production, SOM is already in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), integrated and certified on the F-4E/2020 and F-16 Block40 fighter aircraft platforms. Due to the common requirements of Turkish Air Force and JSF (F-35) program, SOM has been offered as a modern anti-surface cruise missile for newly developed F-35 JSF fighter aircraft. ROKETSAN has also signed a cooperation agreement with Airbus Defence & Space to study the integration of SOM on the Eurofighter TYPHOON and possible future platforms. Roketsan and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control signed an agreement in 2014 for collaboration on the SOM-J, a new generation air-to-surface Stand-Off Cruise Missile for the F-35 aircraft. The companies will jointly develop, produce, market, sell and support SOM-J for internal carriage on F-35 aircraft or external carriage on other aircraft.

Roketsan Surface to Surface Multi Caliber Rocket and Missile Launching Systems are highly mobile modern fire support systems which perform mass lethal fire with 107 mm, 122 mm and 300 mm in ranges between 3 km and 100+ km. The launching systems include the launchers, command and control vehicles, ammunition supply vehicles and repair vehicles. The systems are designed and configured based on the user requirements. The basic systems are T-107/122 and T-122/300 Multi Caliber Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRLs) and T-122 MBRL with wheeled and tracked versions. T-122/300 Multi Caliber MBRL System is capable of firing both 122 mm and 300 mm rockets. It can fire 40 x 122 mm rockets or 4 x 300 mm rockets. T-107/122 Multi Caliber MBRL can fire 20 x 122 mm rockets or 60 x 107 mm Rockets. T-107/122 MBRL was especially designed to support light and agile maneuver units. The ROKETSAN MBRLs can use both classical steel tube pods and sealed and thermal insulated tropicalized composite pods which keeps rockets away from the adverse effects of humidity, corrosion, shock and vibration on the battlefield. Additionally, the launching systems have capability to fire guided and the other modern munitions of the future due to its modular and flexible structure. The multi caliber launch and variety of munitions give more flexibility to fire support planners for the fire planning in order to support the maneuver forces and conducting of the other missions such as attack with fire.   

The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket and Launcher System is a weapon system which was developed to be used against subsurface targets from surface platforms. The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket and Launcher System is one of the most modern anti-submarine warfare weapon systems with; automatic laying capability, burst at the desired distance and depth and insensitivity which ensures safety for the user. It can be used at a range between 500 – 2000 m and a depth between 15 – 300 m. It can function as integrated to the weapon management system and the sonar of the surface platform. ASW rockets can be fired at targets in single or salvo fire modes and detonates at the desired depth using adjustable fuzes. ROKETSAN ASW rocket, having a high explosive warhead, possesses the insensitive munitions property (IM) which is desired in modern munitions.


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