Renault Trucks Defense Offer Their MIDS Pc for Purchase

The MIDS Command Post manufactured in the Renault Trucks Defense factories of Limoges and Fourchambault is now available for purchase.

Designed to provide police operations with C3I* support, MIDS CP is specially equipped with a rear compartment that includes 5 workstations connected to a 19-inch computer rack, a whiteboard, a large screen for teleconferences and information sharing, as well as ancillary equipment (interphone system, printer, refrigerator, coffee machine).

All the seats enable users to work on the move and the vehicle features an additional folding seat intended for a guest officer. On the roof, 7 cameras generate a close-perimeter situational awareness, while a 360° swivelling camera fitted onto a deployable mast ensures long-range observation.

Additionally, the front compartment is equipped with the BattleNet Inside mission system, on which the co-pilot can retrieve all the video flows, the vehicle’s GPS location on a map of the area of use, as well as all the user documentation pertaining to the vehicle and its many appliances, in digital format.

This marks a double kick-off, as this is the first time a MIDS PC as well as a BattleNet Inside system are put on the market.

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