Red Solutions Launches New Extreme Deployment Division

The Extreme Deployment division is a largely autonomous business unit concerned with the installation and deployment of systems in overseas territories as well as into harsh, austere, remote or difficult environments. Whilst drawing on the organisation’s central services- supply chain, design, HR and finance it is envisaged that Extreme Team members will be fundamentally self-sufficient in the field announced Simon Precious, CEO at Red Solutions.

The problems of deploying security technology into difficult locations are an issue that Red Solutions have been addressing for some time. In many cases security managers are reluctant to consider using technology to address their security issues because of poor results from the past, where unprepared contractors and inappropriately selected equipment have failed to perform.

Red have developed a specific delivery methodology to tackle these challenges head on, ensuring that every component is properly selected, assembled, tested and packed prior to being shipped. Every Extreme team member has demonstrable experience of delivering results in high-pressure environments, and is trained in the principles of the new THoRO Project delivery methodology that represents the platform upon which our Extreme Deployment Division is built.

This standard build upon the company existing core values, principles and ethos, and is intended to help us be able to deliver the same Res Solutions brand promise even when the site conditions are challenging.

We take care to ensure that every system is thoroughly designed, built and tested prior to shipment, using plug and play components that are scientifically chosen to be appropriate for where they will be installed. But getting the equipment right is only part of the solution. Our ever-growing network of local partners ensure that all important elements of logistics and security are taken into account, enabling the equipment or manpower to arrive safely and securely at the right location, at the right time and with the right support. Because we manage the risks, the end user gets what they expect, whatever that might be, anywhere on the planet

A lot of work is needed in readiness for deployment of THoRO compliant solutions, especially with regard the technical design, pre-build, packaging, logistics, HSE and local support.

Red Solutions CTO Geoff Moore explains ”whilst there are many very effective products available on the market, it’s not always obvious which ones will work best in which environment, and sometimes they need some modifications or enhancements before they’re one hundred percent ready for the field.” By working directly with professionals from many of the world’s leading end user organisations, Red have managed to identify practical and reliable ways to do complicated things in a way that is very straightforward for typical operators who have more important things to do than worry about technology.

“We believe that there are huge opportunities to provide security managers with the type of advanced capabilities that simply were not available before,” said Mr. Moore. “In Oil & Gas alone we believe that the market for some of these specialized offerings could be worth as much as US$ 5 billion in the next 5 years across the Middle East and Africa”.

Red Solutions’ Extreme Team is set to grow significantly over the next twelve months as the company’s projects in the Northern Gulf, Africa and Southern Asia continue to multiply.

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