Raytheon and CSC in Teaming Agreement for Army Training Program

 Raytheon Company and CSC announced on the 17th of June they have signed a comprehensive teaming agreement to compete for the Army Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations Maintenance Program (ATMP).

This new teaming agreement leverages Raytheon’s proven expertise in high consequence training program management, systems integration and enterprise logistics with CSC’s proven range and virtual training systems operations, maintenance and management expertise. Raytheon and CSC are currently partners in the Warrior Training Alliance (WTA), a Raytheon-led team of more than 150 companies that provides training support to the U.S. Army on the Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) contract. The WTA also helps train U.S. Army soldiers, allied and coalition partners around the world.

"There simply is no better team than Raytheon and CSC to support the U.S. Army as they train to meet the uncertain threats of the future," said Bob Williams, vice president of Raytheon’s Global Training Solutions business. "We’ve proven on Warfighter FOCUS, and we will again on ATMP, that we bring not only the best experience, expertise and resources, but also the right dedication and focus on ensuring that the Warfighter receives the best possible training solution."

Through Warfighter FOCUS, Raytheon and the WTA have helped save the U.S. Army more than $300 million since 2008 in maintaining more than 250,000 training aids, devices and simulators. The WTA’s Warfighter Support Center, our responsive logistics, on-site repair and maintenance support depot, helped enable these savings through 24/7, around the world support as can be seen in the accompanying video.  Raytheon’s proprietary management information system, called the Automated Toolset for Lifecycle Activities and Services Management Information System (ATLAS MIS), helps reduce program risk and provides unparalleled transparency and customer insight into data down to the work order level.

"CSC intends to further the team’s current successes in supporting the U.S. Army’s training requirements," said Larry Prior, executive vice president and general manager of CSC’s North American Public Sector. "Our record of achieving 98 percent operational readiness over the past seven years on the program reflects our deep commitment to the customer, mission and team."

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