Nova Systems enhances its Flight Test capability through purchase of Airbus Helicopter H13

Aerospace and professional services provider Nova Systems is expanding its European business (Nova Systems UK) with the purchase of an Airbus Helicopter H135 – providing the option of low cost and reliable flight trials for governments and manufacturers alike.

The aircraft will be fully instrumented and will be used to test the latest sensors, avionics and mission systems, as well as providing flight trials support for both military and civilian organisations. This will include the development of novel and technologically advanced sensors and electronics, to ensure they can be safely operated by pilots under the remit of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), utilising Nova’s in-house EASA approved, aerospace design organisation.

The timely option of low cost and reliable flight trials – something traditionally reserved for expensive front line platforms – comes against a backdrop of defence budget cuts.

The Nova helicopter trial capability will deliver services through the use of the best value for money twin engine aircraft in its class, coupled with pilots and engineers trained at the internationally renowned Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS).

Operated from the Kemble Aerodrome in Gloucestershire, UK, the Nova Systems helicopter project was developed by Simon Sparkes – an ex Royal Navy helicopter pilot and former Commanding Officer of ETPS.

"This project is an exciting step for the company and something which will serve to enhance Nova Systems reputation as the premier independent flight test company in Europe," he said.

CEO of Nova Systems UK, Steve Camporeale added: "Our investment in this helicopter, and the capabilities it brings to Europe, are geared towards providing a fully integrated and high quality service to our customers, both military and civilian."

Global CEO and Chairman of the Board Jim Whalley said: “It’s a significant expansion of our UK and European service offering and will allow Nova to further cement is position as the leading provider of independent flight test services in the region.”

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