Nexter delivers two CAESAR Mk1 self-propelled howitzers to DGA

On the occasion of his visit to the KNDS site in Roanne, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu, witnessed the coming off the line of the first recompletion CAESARs intended for the French Army following the transfers to the Ukraine.

This delivery comes following an order placed in record time by the DGA and a production time reduced to less than 15 months.

Delivery in record time

In order to replace the CAESARs delivered to Ukraine, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) ordered 18 CAESAR 6X6 MkI for in July 2022. This great responsiveness, enabled by an early production launch, was followed by the unprecedented reduction in our production times: 15 months later, the Minister of the Armed Forces attended in Roanne the first examples coming off the production line, with a production cycle halved. Six CAESARs are currently being produced each month, and eight will be produced in 2024 if orders require it, compared to two to four (occasionally) before the start of 2022.

An industrial challenge in times of war economy

To meet this record deadline, Nexter, a KNDS company, has adapted to a war economy stance: substantial purchases from its own funds to build up stocks of raw materials, anticipated supplies from its supply chain, development of new infrastructure and deployment of new machine tools.

The transition to a war economy posture in a context of international electronic components crisis has required major efforts to reduce the production time of a CAESAR gun from 30 to 15 months while more than doubling production rates. Manufacturing. This result, which will also benefit all other CAESAR 6X6 customers, is a collective achievement made possible thanks to the mobilization of our partners and suppliers .

Nexter’s adaptation to the demands of a war economy also translates into increased support for our customers. Thus, Nexter worked on the local implementation of its support system for the Ukrainian armed forces, as close as possible to the front, through a local partner and thanks to intense mobilization of its technical experts and its supply chain.

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