New vehicle driving cameras by Escribano Mechanical Engineering

Escribano M&E, Spanish leader manufacturer with infrared technology for lens manufacturing (IR/visible), has created the selected driving cameras for the armored vehicle Pizarro Phase II belong to Spanish Army. This
contract supposes 83 vehicle cameras which increases the operability of this vehicles.

This camera, provides a better awareness conscious to vehicle driver, keeping the soldier safer as there no longer need to go outside for a sight. The system by a camera which integrates a Visible and IR sensors. The system can be completed with VTCDual, integrating a rear IR Camera.

The front camera integrates two sensors, one for the IR camera, an infrared sensor LWIR not cooled, and the other one for the visible range. The rear camera incorporates an IR sensor. Due to its innovative technology the VTC system splays high-definition images under extreme environmental conditions for both day and night operations in a
rugged 8.4” HD monitor which features a high-contrast and night vision mode.

VTC and VTC-Dual are a very versatile solution for light, unmanned and armored vehicles that, due to its modular design, allows for an easy maintenance and a very high reliability of the system.

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