New Aircraft Hangars Join Fleet of Refurbished Rubb Buildings at Lithuanian Air Base

The Lithuanian Air Force ordered three new 20.4m span x 12m long EFASS structures with Trident doors at each gable end. When the facility doors are closed the buildings measure 30m nose to nose.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces also requested Rubb refurbish four existing 20.4m span Rubb hangars that were constructed at the Lithuanian AF Air Base in Siauliai 10 years ago.

These four hangars were brought back up to new standards by the Rubb team. Ninety per cent of each structure was already in a good working condition – testament to the strength and durability of Rubb fabric buildings. Rubb made some basic repairs to the fabric and introduced heating kits and insulated cladding to protect the aircraft from the extreme cold winter temperatures.
Rubb’s work on the seven Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System aircraft hangars was completed in less than five months.

Captain Gedas Virbukas, Deputy Commander of the Operation Support Group said: “Thank you for your co-operation and all the help you provided us with. The guys who have been working here in the field did a tremendous job.”

Rubb Managing Director Ian Hindmoor added: “It just shows how strong and robust the EFASS structures are. They lasted so long without needing any kind of maintenance or repairs. Since the overhaul, these refurbished hangars, along with the news ones, will serve this base well for many years to come.”

Rubb’s Rapid Erect Structures feature aluminium framework that has been designed to maximize strength, minimize weight and still be robust enough to withstand the most challenging environments. The high quality 6082 T6 structural aluminium is annodized black and steel components are hot dipped galvanized to protect from corrosion. The tough PVC covering tensioned membrane forms the protective barrier between the environment and the vehicles and equipment inside.

The full end-opening Trident door system door helps speed up aircraft deployment. The hangar door is constructed using the same high quality aluminium framework as the main structure. Three framed PVC panels are hinged at the base of the hangar and the door operates via a button controlled motorized folding mechanism.

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