Naval Group opens its new subsidiary Naval Group Hellas in Greece

The new Naval Group Hellas subsidiary in Greece, announced at the end of 2022, is now officially open. This 100% Naval Group subsidiary is part of Naval Group’s long-term commitment to Greece, and supports its growing operations with the Hellenic partners.

The creation of the Naval Group Hellas subsidiary is fully integrated into the process of strengthening cooperation between Greek and French industries. Naval Group Hellas is the pillar of Naval Group’s long-term footprint in Greece.

The subsidiary will generate and coordinate local industrial activities for the benefit of the Hellenic Navy. Its main activities are:

  • to maximize the local relations with the Greek companies in the framework of the FDI frigates program, and for other naval projects;
  • to carry-out In-Service Support activities for the FDI frigates and other naval vessels, including French Navy vessels operating in the area;
  • to develop Research & Development projects in cooperation with Greek partners.
    The staffing of the company will incorporate both French and Greek engineers and technicians, with a transfer of know-how in the fields of navy ships construction and maintenance. With its offices located in the Municipality of Athens, Attica, Naval Group Hellas is managed by Benoît Chapalain, who settled in Greece in June 2022 to coordinate the development of the Hellenic Industrial Participation plan that Naval Group deploys in the frame of the ongoing FDI frigates program.

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