Milanion NTGS Snub Alakran Imitators with Polaris Integrated Solution Debut at IDEX 2023

Oscar Wilde’s quote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ has been bandied about as an excuse for blatant copying. But when it comes to the lives of soldiers on the battlefield, military commanders have to ‘trust’ the systems and hardware, put in the hands of their soldiers, are robust, reliable and safe.

With continuous development and upgrades to the original system, the ‘Alakran S’ has been debuted at IDEX 2023, integrated with the multi-terrain Polaris RZR. Alakran ‘S’ is the world’s lightest and most versatile mobile mortar system, delivering ultimate performance for 81mm rapid-fire-support to ground combat units in the most hostile and dynamic environments. Ideal for Shoot and Scoot operations, the Alkaran ‘S’ саn shoot 8 rounds and leave the location in less than 2 minutes. Additionally, electro-mechanical engines provide automatic, fast and accurate aiming. The Alakran ‘S’ is equipped with its own Fire Control System (FCS), using GIS Technology and new functions such as Zonal Shooting and Multiple Rounds.

Milanion NTGS CEO Julio Estrella said “Alakran is renowned for its robustness and reliability on the battlefield. Unlike other current mortar systems, Alakran’s patented barrel cooling system allows for sustained rapid fire with no time-limit, solving the critical overheating problem on the battlefield. With a patented double baseplate, Alakran transmits all recoil force into the ground, providing unparalleled accuracy, precision and operator safety when firing”.

Alakran comes with a pedigree for reliability and trust based on ‘real-world’ use and continuous customer feedback. The system is time-tested, combat-proven, on active service in several conflict zones and decades ahead of similar products that have tried to emulate its prowess, without success. Developed and refined over time, the Alakran sets the gold standard for mobile mortar systems, providing confidence to military commanders entrusted with the lives of soldiers.

The Alakran integrated Polaris RZR is being showcased on stand 01-B23 at IDEX 2023, in Abu Dhabi, through 20th-24th February 2023.

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