Mexico’s Morelos-3 Satellite Successfully Launched by Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services

 Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services on the 2nd of October successfully launched the Morelos-3 satellite for Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transportation. At 6:28 a.m. EDT, a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V 421 rocketed into space from Space Launch Complex 41, carrying Mexico’s next-generation communications satellite into orbit.

The launch marks ULA’s 100th mission since the company was formed in late 2006 and the 57th Atlas V launch since the vehicle’s inaugural mission in 2002.

Morelos-3 will join the country’s existing Mexsat constellation as its primary telecommunications satellite, helping to bring end-to-end communications support to areas of national security, civil and humanitarian efforts.

“The quality and reliability of the Atlas V is unparalleled, and today it delivered on a critical step toward bringing next-generation mobile telecommunications services to Mexico,” said Steve Skladanek, president of Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services. “The placement of Morelos-3 into orbit is vital to an effective Mexsat constellation, and partnering with ULA, we were able to help the customer achieve that mission.”

The capabilities of an integrated Mexsat system will enhance Mexico’s disaster relief efforts, emergency services, telemedicine, rural education and telecommunications access for populations in remote locations of Mexico. Support in these areas is instrumental to positioning the country for infrastructure maintainability and future growth.

“The successful placement Morelos-3 into orbit is tremendous news for Mexico,” said Omar Charfén, Mexsat program director general. “Now, we can begin to use Morelos-3 to expand the already robust capabilities of our Mexsat communications network.”

Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, markets the Atlas V to commercial satellite customers worldwide and also offers Athena launch services for small satellites and multi-payload RideShare missions. The company is responsible for contracts, marketing, sales and mission management for commercial and international government Atlas V missions and all Athena missions.

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