MBDA Launches ‘Sky Warden’ Counter- UAV System at IDEX 2021

MBDA today Launched its ‘Sky Warden’ counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) at IDEX 2021.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said in a release: “Sky Warden embodies MBDA’s deep knowledge of the engagement process, systems integration, of all categories of effectors and their next evolutions, and of effects management in the air defence domain.”

The Sky Warden system manages the full C-UAS kill chain from detection to neutralisation and is designed to operate both as an integrated component in a layered air defence architecture, or in a stand-alone configuration. Sky Warden can be vehicle mounted or dismounted.

The modern C-UAS threat is varied, rapidly evolving, and poses a multiplying number of complex scenarios that require defending against. This means there is no single sensor or effector that can meet the modern or future C-UAS requirement. Instead Sky Warden utilises a networked eco-system of constantly evolving sensors and effectors, drawn from MBDA’s wide experience in air defence and effects management, to match the UAS threat.

Sky Warden is able to effectively and appropriately neutralise all classes of UAV, from small Class 1 micro-UAVs to large tactical UAVs, as well as other traditional air threats.

At its core is a command and control (C2) system that performs effects management – co-ordinating this eco-system of sensors, soft-kill effectors, and hard-kill effectors to defend armed forces units or sensitive sites across a large protection perimeter.

Sky Warden utilises operationally-proven building blocks within a modular open architecture that can be adapted to end-user requirements or to plug and play emerging and future novel sensing and effector technologies. MBDA C-UAS solutions have already been successfully demonstrated to customers.

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