Maxxess Launches Ambit A Ground-breaking Enterprise Management Solution at Intersec 2015

Maxxess, a corporation recognised for its access control technology and extensive integration capabilities, unveiled its ground-breaking cloud-based enterprise workforce management solution ambit at Intersec 2015, in Dubai.

Ambit uses patented, leading-edge technology, to dramatically increase the coverage of traditional security systems by extending the enterprise’s reach beyond its physical presence, to wherever its workforce is located. Featuring time and attendance and operations management functionality, the system also streamlines routine security and facilities management tasks to radically increase operational efficiency.

Fastest possible response and operational efficiency
Accessed by staff through a user-friendly mobile app, ambit enables users to summon security, first aid and facilities management assistance via a simple tap on their mobile devices. Able to pinpoint the exact location of where help is required, security and facilities management teams are able to initiate a fast and appropriate response and dispatch responders where help is needed most.

Using geographic information, ambit provides response teams and operation centres with a common operating picture showing the exact location of staff and team members and details of a task or a security incident as it unfolds. Using private, authenticated and secure communications technology, ambit allows response teams to share multi-media information from the field, enabling effective dialogue and informed decision-making. In the event of a crisis, security personnel can share this vital information with third party agencies such as the emergency services to ensure the best possible resolution, while supporting their crisis management and business continuity protocols.

Streamlining security and facilities management operations
ambit enables real-time visibility into personnel location and status to improve and streamline facilities management and security operations. With staff checking in on arrival at work via smartphones or onsite located tablets, security and facilities managers are provided with complete visibility of personnel location on a campus map so they can assign tasks, request status from select groups or the entire team, and direct assets to maximise efficiency. Particularly effective for large or multi-site manned guarding teams, ambit provides a cost-effective time and attendance tool, while heat maps and automated reporting support routine operations such as guard tours and provide an accurate record of events for compliance. Through the maintenance of a database of reports and message traffic, security managers also can utilise ambit for forensic analysis and training to ensure continuous service improvement.

Enhanced staff safety
ambit’s lone worker functionality allows staff to check in while working alone or out on the road demonstrating duty of care and enhancing the safety of increasingly mobile workforces. Employees use the ambit check-in feature and in doing so enable security teams and the emergency services to pinpoint their location in the event of an incident. The soon-to-be-released man down functionality also raises an alarm in the event of slips, trips and falls by detecting by non-movement, sudden tilt and impact.

Mass notification and communication
ambit enables managers to effectively communicate two-way alerts across the entire enterprise with real-time speed and assured reach without expensive SMS charges or clogging up corporate networks. By streamlining information when and where needed–to individuals, teams or the entire enterprise–ambit accelerates crisis response and resolution.

ambit utilises the most effective sensors in the world: People. ambit empowers staff with the ability to communicate with security and other departments using both structured and unstructured data (such as text and photos), to report both routine and unusual occurrences.

Lee Copland, EMEA Managing Director, Maxxess Systems, said, “We believe that ambit, with its structured, secure, managed, customisable format, adds a new dimension to traditional security solutions and it provides immeasurable value not only to those who are responsible for the security of the enterprise, but to every employee and department within the enterprise.

“When integrated into our eFusion security management platform, ambit can eliminate employee badging requirements by allowing employees access into facilities using their mobile devices. This and ambit’s operational functionality underscores the Maxxess promise to deliver future-proof and flexible security solutions that increase resilience and maximise operational efficiency.”

Maxxess executives, including EMEA Managing Director, Lee Copland, will be on hand from 18th to 20th January on booth S1-C29, to demonstrate and discuss ambit, its multiple uses and innovations.

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