Lockheed Martin’s Vice President of Upper Tier Integrated Air and Missile Defense Programs visites MEPC for a tour of their production line

The Vice President of Air and Missile Defense Programs at Lockheed Martin, Dan Nimblett, conducted a significant visit to the Middle East Propulsion Company (MEPC), highlighting the company’s commitment to the growth of the aerospace and defense sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During his visit, Nimblett toured the production lines and facilities of MEPC and expressed admiration for the capabilities of the company. He commended the Saudi company’s commitment to achieving international standards.

MEPC, a leading company in aircraft engine maintenance, repair, and installation, warmly welcomed Nimblett and his team. They presented an overview of their advanced production lines and state-of-the-art facilities.

This visit serves as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Lockheed Martin and MEPC, reaffirming their joint efforts to support the development of the aerospace and defense sector in the Kingdom. The visit also serves as a platform to explore potential collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Collaboration between major companies like Lockheed Martin and local entities such as MEPC plays a crucial role in driving Saudi technological advancements, promoting innovation, and enhancing national security.

Lockheed Martin, a leading American company in the aerospace and defense industry, is a key partner for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in building a strong defense infrastructure through strategic cooperation and technology transfer. Lockheed Martin has played a vital role in supporting the localization of defense capabilities in the Kingdom, in addition to boosting economic growth and creating job opportunities.

Established in 1992 and headquartered in Riyadh, MEPC specializes in aircraft engine maintenance, repair, and installation. The company also provides logistics and training services in this field.

MEPC aims to enhance the national industry in Saudi Arabia and develop national capabilities in aviation maintenance, manufacturing, installation, and inspection. It also seeks to strengthen collaboration with airlines, military industries, and civil aviation companies in the Kingdom and the region.

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