Leonardo: Telespazio Brasil to build new satellite teleport in Maricá, State of Rio de Janeiro, boosting its next-gen satellite services offering

 Leonardo, through its subsidiary Telespazio Brasil, and the Maricà municipality represented by Codemar (Companhia de Desenvolvimento de Maricá), have announced an agreement to develop a new satellite teleport for telecommunications applications in the territory of Maricá (State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). 

Codemar will lease a large parcel of land to Telespazio, which will design and build the telecommunication infrastructure required to host one of the largest and most advanced Ground Segment for new Satellites Operators in Latin America. 

The new teleport will provide telecommunication services for the Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites as well as low latency, very high-bandwidth services for the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations. 

This new facility is well positioned to support the growth in demand and challenging requirements generated by the Oil & Gas sector in the region, as well to seize opportunities in other sectors such as government and maritime operations. 

Maricá is investing in world-class infrastructures with the aim of becoming the new hub for the Oil & Gas sector, due to its strategic location and in order to support the sector’s growth in Bacia de Santos, the most important oil exploration field in Brazil. As part of the administration’s plan for a technology-driven development, Leonardo, through its subsidiary Leonardo International, and Codemar recently established the joint venture Leonardo&Codemar S.A. (49% Codemar and 51% Leonardo) which is focused on security, resilience, critical infrastructure management and innovative services. 

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