Leonardo Helicopter Training Academy in the US

Maintenance Training Devices in Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy in the US

 The new US Helicopter Training Academy provides ground, in-flight and virtual training to student pilots, with an array of digital courses, flight activities, simulation and mission training available to meet any mission profile. In addition, comprehensive maintenance training will be provided in its very own wing of the Academy that also comes equipped with a large array of maintenance training devices and displays. Technologically advanced systems will allow for real-time tracking of individual training progress and can be customized to meet any mission for each of the helicopter types included in the US training syllabus. 

The Training Academy in the US features: 

 10 multi-media classrooms – sized for both intimate and large group training. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, designed to provide interactive 2D/3D graphic content that allows for simulating and engaging learning and instruction. 

 Three maintenance simulators – one AW139, one AW119 and soon one AW609. These are a vital piece in training, providing up close familiarity with all aspects of the aircraft through hands-on experience for students (both technicians and pilots) to learn in the classroom and then practice on the trainers. 

 Two full-flight motion simulators – one AW139 and one AW169/AW609 with roll-on/roll-off capability. Jointly developed by Leonardo and CAE and operated by their Rotorsim JV, the simulators provide realistic training for specific missions, including off-shore, law enforcement, EMS and passenger transport. The AW139 full flight simulator was relocated to Philadelphia from Whippany New Jersey while the new AW169 is one of only two simulators of its kind currently operational in the world that incorporates certified OEM-data into the simulated environment. Additionally, an empty bay exists to allow the addition of a third full flight simulator to be added in the future to be based on demand. 

 Special amenities for our students to either take a break and mentally recharge through with mediation and thoughtful reflection in a quiet, dedicated room – or ramp up their endorphins utilizing exercise equipment in gym that also includes locker rooms and showers for customer convenience. 

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