Leonardo at UMEX 2020

Leonardo will be taking part in the UMEX unmanned systems exhibition scheduled in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) from 23 to 25 February.

Leonardo will be showcasing the Mirach 40 target drone that can mimic a variety of threats ranging from missiles to aircraft, and a mock-up of the AWHERO unmanned rotary-wing aircraft, a dual-use platform able to perform missions such as surveillance, environmental monitoring, public security and civil protection in land and naval domains.

Leonardo is a global leader in unmanned technology, with expertise across aircraft, sensors, mission systems and ground control stations. At last year’s Paris Air Show, the company unveiled the Falco Xplorer, the new Remotely-Piloted Air System that has successfully undergone its first test flight in January. 

Designed to offer persistent, multi-sensor strategic surveillance to military and civil customers, the Falco Xplorer can be procured as either an integrated system or as a fully-managed information-superiority service, flown and operated by Leonardo.

At the forefront of autonomous flight
Leonardo shows at UMEX its latest unmanned solutions


AWHERO is Leonardo remotely operated 200kg class Rotary Unmanned Aerial System (R-UAS) capable of persistent land and maritime operations in support of Government, Maritime and Land Force Commanders for military operations.
It is designed with safety critical systems redundancy to ensure integrity & reliability and it is the only R-UAS in the 200kg class that has been designed to be Military certified.

Configurable with a wide range of mission systems (e.g. Leonardo Gabbiano TS Ultra-Light multi-mode radar and state-of-the-art EO/IR camera), AWHERO transmits real-time radar information and electro optical device imagery to naval and land networked assets in the theatre of operations, granting persistent wide area surveillance.

AWHERO has recently performed as part of the OCEAN 2020 European development programme for Maritime Awareness.

The Mirach 40 target drone can mimic a variety of threats ranging from missiles to aircraft, allowing manufacturers and operators to test and train in operationally accurate conditions. A successful trial’s campaign was led last November in support of MBDA’s latest Mistral missile. M-40 is offered on a managed services basis or as standalone product.


The Falco Xplorer is an 18.5 m wingspan and 9 m length unmanned aircraft developed to provide 24/7, all-weather persistent regional surveillance, covering a wide range of missions. 
The Falco Xplorer made its maiden flight on January 15, 2020 taking off from Trapani Air Force base, cruised over the Gulf of Trapani in a dedicated fly zone, for around 60 minutes and then returned to base, landing safely.
This unmanned aircraft is the latest addition to the successful Falco family of UAS currently in operations with 5 international customers. The 350 kg payload can accommodate the Leonardo sensor range including the Gabbiano multimode SAR radar, Elint Comint suite, multispectral sensors.

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