Kongsberg has Received a Contract Extension to Upgrade F-16 Aircrafts

The work on the aircrafts will take place at KAMS’ facilities at Kjeller, near Oslo and will ensure that F-16 competences are maintained in Norway for years. The aircrafts will be returned to operating status and then maintained so that they are ready for service again. KAMS has 40 years of experience in maintaining, repairing and upgrading Norway’s F-16 fleet.

“This contract extension confirms our position as a key supplier of maintenance services for the Armed Forces and its allies to ensures important aeronautical jobs in the years to come. It illustrates the importance of the strategic collaboration we’ve established with the Norwegian Armed Forces for the maintenance of aircrafts, engines and associated systems and components. We will continue our growth and creating even more aeronautical jobs in the future,” says Atle Wøllo, President of KAMS.

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency has entered into a contract with Draken International for the sale of up to 12 former Norwegian F-16’s and is in the process of completing the sale of another 32 aircraft to Romania. Pending official approval from the Norwegian and American authorities, the first aircraft are expected to be delivered to Draken this year and Romania during 2023.

“Our fighter aircrafts are among the best maintained in the world, and central to this work has been the ongoing maintenance and upgrades that KAMS deliver. I’m therefore confident that our aircrafts will serve Draken and Romania well for a number of years to come. Moreover, this contract also helps to maintain Norway’s industrial expertise in fighter aircraft maintenance,” says Magnus Hansvold Director for Material Disposal at the Norwegian Defence Material Agency.

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