Infoblox to Demonstrate Automated Network Control and DNS Security Solutions at IoTX 2015 in Dubai

 Infoblox Inc. announced in 8 June, that it will showcase its latest innovations in IP Address Management (IPAM), network automation and secure DNS technologies at the IoTX conference and exhibition taking place between June 08-09, 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

“With research firm Gartner predicting that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015 and 25 billion by 2020, it is important for network administrators to recognize the demands that the Internet of Things (IoT) will make on their networks. Network administrators have struggled in recent years to stay on top of the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend, and the IoT will create an increase in end points that will only magnify the challenges. Network automation will become critical as IT departments confront this massive growth in network complexity. IPAM tools are needed to give organizations the ability to discover all the infrastructure/ endpoints, visualize them and put policies on who and which devices can enter the network and what they can do,” says Cherif Sleiman, General Manager, Middle East at Infoblox.

“IoT also represents a potential threat to network security as all objects and IP addresses entering the network are potential weak links in an organization’s IT infrastructure. As a result it is imperative to secure critical DNS infrastructure. DNS is a foundational Internet technology used in every non-trivial IP-based transaction. If it’s not working properly, Internet transactions can grind to a halt leading to disastrous results including lost revenue due to downtime, diminished customer satisfaction and lost productivity.”

At the IoTX event, executives from Infoblox will showcase  the Infoblox NetMRI product that provides automatic network discovery, switch port management, network change automation, and continuous security policy and configuration compliance management for multi-vendor routers, switches, and other layer-2 and layer-3 network devices. It is the only platform that supports traditional and virtual network constructs (such as VRF) for multi-vendor network automation.

 Event attendees visiting the Infoblox stand will also be educated about the Infoblox family of IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions with IPv6 support that automate and simplify IP address management, thereby reducing network operating costs and eliminating configuration errors and associated downtime. 

Alongside automated network control and IPAM, DNS security will also be another key area of focus for Infoblox at the show. From the company’s highly secure hardware form factor, to its hardened OS, to the variety of security features in its applications, no other network control vendor focuses more on security than Infoblox. The company will demonstrate its range of DNS security solutions including Infoblox Internal DNS Security that protects data and infrastructure inside an enterprise by securing the internal DNS, and Infoblox External DNS Security, an appliance that provides defense against the widest range of DNS based attacks such as DNS DDoS, exploits and DNS hijacking.

Infoblox will be exhibiting at the IoTX show from booth # 11 located in Hall 7.


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