INDRA To Demonstrate Its Most Advanced Defense and Cyber Defense Systems in Peru

 Indra will attend the V International Exhibition of Technology for Defense and Prevention of Natural Disasters, SITDEF 2015, which will take place in Lima (Peru) from May 14 to 17, to demonstrate its most advanced solutions in the Defense scope. The company will also participate in the I Cybersecurity Expo 2015, which SITDEF will host on May 14 and 15, also at the Headquarters of the Army.

At this event the company will present its advanced aerial defense system based on the Lanza 3D family of radars. These radars currently protect the western flank of Europe, under NATO command, in addition to Uruguay’s airspace. The company is also deploying these radars in other Latin American countries and in Oman, where a complete national aerial defense system has been implemented.

Additionally, Indra will provide information about its electronic defense and communication solutions. Specifically, it will place the spotlight on systems adapted to submarines, such as the Pegaso RESM (Radar Electronic Support Measurement) system, which detects and analyzes radar signals and determines the threat level they pose for the submarine, the TSUB satellite communication system, and its Aries radars.

In the scope of electronic defense systems for aerial platforms, the company will share its vast experience in this area, having equipped more than 500 aircraft with its systems, including the entire fleet of A400M military transport aircraft of 9 countries.

With regard to operational needs on the ground, visitors will be able to access information at Indra’s stand about the various configurations of its satellite communication systems—Fly Away, Sat on the Move and At the Quick Halt—and its experience in the deployment of military networks in countries like Spain  (SECOMSAT) and Brazil (SISCOMIS).

The company will also be present in Peru as a leader in maritime surveillance. Its systems now protect more than 3,000 miles of borders worldwide. On this occasion it will demonstrate one of its latest developments: the MRI P2006T maritime surveillance light aircraft, a solution that offers the highest level of coastal surveillance at the most competitive price.

During the conferences that will take place over the four-day event, the company will share its vision of "The Experience of Spain’s Military Emergencies Unit applied to Latin America" with attendees. Indra led the development of the command and control system (SIMGE) currently used by this unit to direct its interventions throughout Spanish territory.

With respect to its participation at the I Cybersecurity Expo 2015, which will be held on the first two days of the SITDEF, Indra will attend as a leading provider of Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense solutions and services. One of the most advanced systems marketed by the company is its new Advanced Cyber Defense Simulator, a pioneering system designed to provide improved and more realistic training for cyber defense and cybersecurity experts in a secure environment.

During the Expo it will also present its network and data protection services for businesses, organizations and institutions, which it provides from its cybersecurity operations center, i-CSOC, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The objective of this center is to minimize the vulnerabilities of ITC systems and industrial control systems, protecting the data of companies and organizations and ensuring business or service continuity.

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