“i-Protect” Project Launched by Beretta

 Beretta S.p.A. and Intellitronika S.r.l. have presented the “i-PROTECT” project on the 3rd of July” at the sala Colucci di Unione Confcommercio in Milan and In the presence of  Gen. D. Pasquale Lavacca. “i-Protect” is an innovative personal protection system specifically designed to reduce the response time of the Operations Centre regarding intervention, support and assistance, thus raising the security level of citizens and law enforcement personnel

The system, designed by the Fabbrica d’Armi Beretta as part of a research project with the University of Brescia and funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, was jointly developed with Intellitronika, a company specialising in the design of computer systems and communications.

The system includes the new “Beretta PX4 Storm-i” pistol, calibre 9x19mm, a special double safety holster with magnetic actuators and a smartphone with an application called “ODINO 5”that integrates the firearm into the control system.

The application provides real-time information to the Operations Centre on the status of the weapon and location of the user, enabling decisions to be taken immediately and deploying all appropriate measures to ensure immediate support to the men on the ground, such as, for example, the activation of an environmental recording system or sending out support patrols.

Representing constructive synergy between businesses and institutions, the system has been made possible by the developing companies on an experimental basis and at no cost to the Carabinieri Corps.

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