Hong Kong Airlines Signs Service Agreement with AirCom Pacific at Paris Air Show

Hong Kong Airlines signed an agreement with Aircom Pacific Inc. and Klingon Aerospace to install inflight entertainment and connectivity systems onboard Hong KongAirlines aircraft. Director of Hong Kong Airlines, Mr. Stanley Kan,Aircom Pacific’s CEO, Mr. Jan-Yung Lin and Klingon Aerospace’s

Chairman, Daniel Shih executed the agreement today at the Aircom Pacific booth.

Underlining the importance of this agreement, Stanley Kan stated that “This co-operation with Aircom Pacific promises our passengers abrand new experience in the air.” In addition he thought that Aircom Pacific’s vision of free connectivity for airlines and passengers was revolutionary and mentioned that he was happy to be involved in the program.

“This is a major milestone for Aircom Pacific. We are grateful that Hong Kong Airlines chose us to be their inflight entertainment and connectivity service provider. I am sure that Hong Kong Airlines’ passengers will be amazed by Aircom Pacific’s services.” said Jan Yung Lin about the agreement and Daniel Shih stated that “To the entire aviation field, this is not an innovation, this is a revolution.”

Aircom Pacific, through its Taiwanese representative Klingon Aerospace, will provide an on board system featuring dual Ka and Ku band antennas, providing the cutting edge Ka band connectivity where it is available, while using Ku connection for the areas that do not have Ka coverage. This system ensures that coverage is not dropped between bands for a better passenger experience. Utilizing this system allows airlines to take real time payments for duty free purchases, offer direct streaming TV and videos with  thousands of channels and offer services on board not previously possible or available. Real time offers of travel insurance, hotel booking options, rental cars and other travel services are now possible for passengers directly from the comfort of their cabin seat. Hong Kong Airlines and Aircom Pacific also entered into an MOU relating to Aircom Pacific’s AirCinema™ system, a revolutionary development that will transform passengers’ IFE experience by offering a true theatre experience while in the air. 

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