Hensoldt and L3Harris join forces for NATO surveillance programme

Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT and L3Harris Technologies join forces to develop new capabilities for NATO’s Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) programme. Both companies have signed a joint strategic cooperation agreement to combine their respective skills in the areas of platform-independent mission solutions.

In the frame of the cooperation, HENSOLDT, with its track record in developing and manufacturing sensors and mission systems, will contribute, among other things, capabilities in the areas of active and passive sensors, sensor data fusion and network management capabilities.

“Next-generation surveillance requires an intelligent approach to platform-independent, networked high-end sensors, AI-based date exploitation and dissemination” said Jürgen Halder, Head of Strategic Projects at HENSOLDT’s Spectrum Dominance division. “L3Harris and HENSOLDT with their respective strengths are ideally suited to offer NATO the optimum solution.”

“Our team will explore open systems, multi-function solutions and data-centric concepts to sustain the NATO Alliance’s military advantage from 2035 and beyond“,  said Dave Johnson, Vice President, Strategy, Integrated Mission Systems, L3Harris. L3Harris and HENSOLDT are part of an international team that brings together NATO nations’ industrial expertise in surveillance and control. This team will analyse the risks and feasibility of technologies and components within its systems of systems approach to enhance the NATO Alliance’s capabilities to 2035 and beyond.  L3Harris’ international teammates share a common vision: to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of future NATO military operations through the procurement and integration of a multi-domain (AFSC) capability centred around the data enterprise.

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