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Airbus and Northrop Grumman Lead Team Seeking to shape NATO’s Future Surveillance and Control

Northrop Grumman Corporation and Airbus Defence and Space, together with seven industrial players, have established ASPAARO, the Atlantic Strategic Partnership for Advanced All-domain Resilient Operations. ASPAARO will bid to undertake the Risk Reduction and Feasibility Studies (RRFS) for the NATO Support and Procurement Agency as part of the Alliance Future …

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Hensoldt and L3Harris join forces for NATO surveillance programme

Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT and L3Harris Technologies join forces to develop new capabilities for NATO’s Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) programme. Both companies have signed a joint strategic cooperation agreement to combine their respective skills in the areas of platform-independent mission solutions. In the frame of the cooperation, HENSOLDT, …

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When Erdogan Meets NATO

Dalia Ziada The upcoming summit of the 72 years-old North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is turning heads, worldwide, even in countries that are not members of the most powerful political and military alliance of our time. This week, on June 14th, leaders of the thirty member countries shall gather, in …

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NATO F-35 Milestone: First F-35A for Denmark Takes Flight

Earlier this week, L-001, Denmark’s first F-35 Lightning II production aircraft flew its inaugural flight. Denmark is the fifth European NATO nation to fly and operate an F-35, strengthening NATO’s 5th generation airpower foundation. Denmark is joining four other European nations who already operate the F-35: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and Italy. Like the F-16 before it, the F-35 …

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The U.S. is Sanctioning itself by Sanctioning Turkey

S-400 defense system

Dalia Ziada American President Trump calls Turkish President Erdogan “a friend.” Turkey is a NATO ally since 1952, and the Turkish Armed Forces is the second largest standing military force in NATO, after the United States. Yet, the Trump administration did not spare an effort to pressure and control the …

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