Help AG Launches Managed Security Services in Jordan

To enable government and large enterprise businesses in Jordan to combat the threat of cyber-attack, achieve IT compliance, and drastically reduce incident resolution time, without the significant overhead of a dedicated IT security department, Help AG, the leading information security services and solutions provider in the Middle East, has established its new Managed Security Services (MSS) division. The company will now offer essential managed security services that will be delivered either on-premises or remotely from its regionally based Cyber Security Operations Center by highly trained and fully-certified security professionals.

“Even large enterprises in Jordan lack the financial and human resources to have specialized teams of IT security experts. Typical IT departments are stretched between administrating existing systems and deploying new solutions to streamline business processes. This leaves them with little time to continuously monitor the infrastructure for cyber threats and makes incident response a tremendous strain on already overworked employees,” said Stephan Berner, Managing Director at Help AG. “Our MSS is an affordable way for businesses to gain ready access to the very best security experts in order to significantly enhance their security posture.”

Over 90% of Help AG’s employees are certified on Information Security Solutions and/or Services making it one of the leading providers of professional IT security services in the Middle East. The company’s decision to launch its MSS division comes after a year of careful market analysis which helped evaluate customer readiness, prime pain points and service requirements. Based on this review, the new MSS division will offer customers 24/7 Monitoring, Compliance, Forensic Analysis, Incident Handling & Remediation, Log Management, Operational Event Reporting, and Security Platform Management. These have all been designed as subscription OPEX based services that can be easily integrated with the customer’s existing security infrastructure, whether it is on-premises or cloud based.

To showcase and demonstrate its different services, Help AG has also set up an additional center at its headquarters in Dubai. The company encourages potential customers to see in real time how its teams of security analysts operate in the Cyber Security Operations Center and believes this will give them complete confidence in the service quality.

Answering why organizations should entrust their security to a third-party provider, Mr. Berner said, “Our approach is built around locally-delivered services, water-tight SLAs and the highest degree of data confidentiality. With the 24×7 support of our security experts, customers will soon realize the full value of their security investment and gain the visibility, insight and protection capabilities that we have developed over the last 11 years of protecting Middle East businesses.”

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