France buys Egyptian-made armored vehicles

Efforts to enhance the capabilities of the French forces in peacekeeping operations continue, as France recently announced the purchase of 16 Egyptian-made “Fahd 4×4” armored vehicles.

These vehicles will be deployed with the French forces participating in peacekeeping operations.

The Egyptian armored vehicles exported to France have been modified and upgraded to meet the required combat standards, reflecting France’s commitment to equipping its forces with the latest military technologies and equipment.

At the same time, the production of the “Fahd 300” vehicle has witnessed notable success, as it receives more orders for the purchase of these armored vehicles from several African countries. Burkina Faso and Burundi recently announced their inclusion in the list of customers and operators of the Egyptian “Fahd 4×4” armored vehicle, according to Egyptian blogger Mahmoud Gamal, who reported the news on his social media account.

This increasing demand for locally manufactured Egyptian armored vehicles demonstrates the confidence these vehicles enjoy in regional and international markets. It supports Egypt’s role as a state that produces and exports advanced military equipment and technology, contributing to the enhancement of military and economic cooperation with other countries.

The “Fahd 4×4” vehicle is distinguished by its advanced capabilities and flexibility in rugged terrain, providing excellent protection and swift mobility. The vehicle has been designed according to the latest military technologies, making it an ideal choice for military operations and peacekeeping missions.

According to “Army Technology,” the “Fahd 4×4” vehicle serves as a replacement for the old armored transport vehicles BTR-40 and Walid previously used by the Egyptian army.

It is worth mentioning that the production of these vehicles began in 1985, with the first batch built for the Egyptian army in 1986.

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