FLIR Announces Breakthroughs in Mobile Surveillance and Video Analytics

FLIR Systems announced two major technological advances in its ongoing efforts to provide best-in-class imaging solutions to border security operators around the world. First, the new, improved Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is in full-rate production and shipping to customers in the Middle East, offering unmatched mobility and broad area surveillance capabilities. Next is the release of our MERLIN® ASX anti-scintillation software, a unique image processing breakthrough to create sharp thermal images in hot operating environments. These products are designed tosupportcritical security and border protection missions in the most demanding of environments.

Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)
Effective border security requires advanced technologies to monitor large areas and the flexibility to adjust to threats that shift from one area to another, including smuggling and illegal immigration.The LTV from FLIR Systems provides a unique combination of broad area thermal, visible and radar surveillance sensors and tactical agility, giving operators truly mobile surveillance tools to protect their borders.

Newly redesigned to include an improved multispectral gyro-stabilized sensor suite and ground surveillance radar, the LTV is now in full rate production and is shipping to customers in the Middle East. The perfect tactical border security vehicle, LTV is the only system to give operators the high definition imagers, radar, and command and control software they need to provide long-range, networkable, broad area surveillance on such a small, agile platform. Built for rapid deployment on rough terrain, the LTV may be operated by single or dual operators and gives area commanders real-time access to high definition, geo-located video.

One of the consistent challenges to thermal imaging in high temperature environments is atmospheric turbulence, or scintillation, which can reduce the effective range of a sensor. As the world leader in thermal imaging technologies, FLIR is constantly working to extend the performance of our sensors, and is proud to introduce a solution to this challenge: MERLIN ASX image enhancement software. A new feature of the industry-leading MERLIN mission analytics and video processing nexus, MERLIN ASX adds powerful anti-scintillation technology that greatly improves imaging performance in hot climates. MERLIN ASX extends your vision like never before.


Fully integrated and embedded within Ranger HDC and Ranger HRC ground-based infrared imaging systems, MERLIN ASX provides operators with greater range performance and sharper scene detail to deliver earlier threat identification and response. Because it is integrated into the imager itself, MERLIN ASX processes raw video as opposed to compressed outputs for higher fidelity and clear video without extra equipment or latency.

“FLIR is committed to innovation and is pleased to deliver such advanced capabilities within our Commercially Developed, Military Qualified (CDMQ®) business model to our valued partners in the UAE and other Gulf states,” said Kevin Tucker, General Manager of FLIR’s Surveillance division. “By introducing these new solutions, FLIR is helping operators in the region and around the world cover more ground with fewer assets and capture higher detail imagery crucial to addressing and stopping threats.


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