Finmeccanica to Take Part in AVALON 2015

 Finmeccanica takes part in AVALON 2015 (Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition), held at Avalon Airport, Geelong, Victoria, from 24 February to 1 March. The event is one of the leading exhibition of the Asia Pacific area, one of the world’s most dynamic region.

Australia, with an ever-growing international profile, boosted by the growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region, has for Finmeccanica a strategic importance. The Group still provided equipment to Australia including Counter IED for Australian soldiers, personal radios, night vision systems, radios and communication systems on ship, air traffic radars, helicopters to Navy and for the civil sector, ATR and C-27J aircraft and satellite imagery. Australia is a relatively young country that is continuing to grow, and has a strong economy primarily due to vast natural resources. The Country is technologically advanced and there are many opportunities for Finmeccanica to continue to provide equipment for both civil and military applications.

For the helicopter sector, Finmeccanica attends the AVALON Airshow, strong of recent successes reached by AgustaWestland in the Country with contracts signed last year for 12 AW139, to show the capabilities in technology and support of already existing platforms and the investment in future technologies.

AgustaWestland and Australian Helicopters present the first of the six AW139 EMS helicopters that will serve the State of Victoria starting from 2016. In the static area, a full scale mock-up of the AW169 presents the new light intermediate helicopter to the Australian public. AgustaWestland also showcases its training and support capabilities, aimed at serving the growing fleet of AgustaWestland helicopters in the area. AgustaWestland has a long history of providing state-of-the-art helicopters to both commercial and government customers in Australia and New Zealand. In total, almost 60 AgustaWestland helicopters are currently on order in the region.

In the aeronautic sector, Finmeccanica showcases the Alenia Aermacchi products that span from battlefield airlifters to military trainers, from defence aircraft to unmanned aerial vehicles representing the ideal solution for the requirements of Australian and Asia-Pacific Armed Forces. The C-27J, today’s worldwide consider as the benchmark in the new-generation, medium battlefield airlifter category, ordered in 10 examples by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 2012, fully matches the region’s air forces requirement for a tactical transport aircraft and can perform the widest range of missions, adding to all the operations typical of defence scenarios those aimed at providing humanitarian support and natural disasters relief in the most remote areas even with extreme climate conditions.

The C-27J is now offered also in the MC-27J multi-mission version that adopted a modular approach maximizing the use of mission-pallet kits (Roll-On/Roll-Off equipment), for both systems and armaments. The MC-27J is an adaptable, agile, and affordable solution for the various airborne multi-mission requirements of the air forces and special forces. The MC-27J is not just a gunship, but a battlefield platform equipped with proven-sensors/ communications/weapons suite able to execute a wide range of customer-driven missions.

Finmeccanica – Selex ES brings its latest airborne ISR, force protection, electronic warfare, critical communications and integrated airport capabilities to Australia and the Australasia region. For the air sector, through its ASSD (Airborne Systems and Space Division) multimedia display located in the Finmeccanica Chalet, Selex ES presents its state-of-the-art airborne ISR capabilities including integrated mission systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, Saviour an Enhanced vision system for Degraded Visual Environments (based on VigilX), radar and navigation aids, high performance data links and communication systems, advanced IFF (Identification Friend/Foe) systems, Electronic Warfare and advanced DIRCM aircraft protection solutions, besides showing multi-spectral sensors. In the land domain the company will showcase surveillance systems especially based on electro optical capabilities with its Horizon Medium Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) thermal imaging camera capable of detecting objects at ranges in excess of 50km and fitted with a long-life cooling engine which delivers extended unattended operation (up to 50,000 hours). Critical communications technologies will be also on show, while a dual use perspective is offered through the display of an integrated airport solution. This latest version is a scalable solution able to make data and information available to all the airport operators, coordinate and plan the best use of resources, support a fast introduction of innovative services with the purpose of wholly improving all the airport functionalities, while guaranteeing the management of ongoing operations.

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