Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland Delivers Two More Corporate AW139sTo Malaysian Clients

Finmeccanica –AgustaWestland announced it has recently delivered two new AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopters to Malaysian clients recently to perform corporate and VIP transportation. These latest deliveries mark the continued success of the AW139 in the Malaysian and corporate transport markets where the new generation helicopter has become the outright market leader. Nearly 30 AW139s have been sold in Malaysia with aircraft in service with corporate customers, Weststar Aviation Services, Bomba and the Maritime Enforcement Agency.

Customers in Malaysia benefit from a wide range of AW139 training courses for technicians and aircrew available at the AgustaWestland Malaysia Training Academy, including pilot training on an AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator. AgustaWestland Malaysia also provides a wide range of support services for the AW139 from its Subang facility near Kuala Lumpur.

As the only helicopter in its class to meet all the latest certification standards, the AW139 is proving a popular replacement for older designs in a corporate and VIP transport market, where safety, comfort and performance are the foremost considerations.The AW139 delivers best-in-class performance with a maximum cruise speed of 165 knots (306 kph), a range in excess of 500 nm (927 km), endurance of 5 hours and superior hover performance. With its power reserve, the AW139 assures Category “A” (Class 1) superior performance from a helipad (elevated or at ground level) at maximum take-off weight.

With the largest passenger cabin in its class the AW139 can accommodate up to 15 passengers or six to ten passengers in a number of spacious and comfortable VIP seating arrangements. The six large cabin windows provide passengers with an excellent view from the cabin with access via sliding doors or a hinged door. A wide range of customer specified optional equipment is available on the AW139 including audio visual equipment, telecommunications and refreshments stowage. The baggage compartment provides 3.4 m3 (120 ft3) of easily accessible storage with access from external doors and also the cabin if required.

The AW139’s modern design ensures ease of maintenance and high availability due to reduced numbers of components, easy access to all the main systems by ground technicians, extended life-cycles for critical components and advanced diagnostics technology.

Over 900 AW139 helicopters have been sold to more than 220 customers in over 70 countries worldwide to date. The AW139 has been selected by and is now performing search and rescuemissions with a large number of operators in Asia and elsewhere around the globe. The AW139, as the market leader in its class, is also widely used for offshore transport, passenger transport, law enforcement, emergency medical transport, passenger transport and firefighting services.

The AW139 helicopter is part of AgustaWestland’s family of new generation helicopters that also includes the AW169 and AW189. These helicopters possess the same high-performance flight characteristics and safety features whilst sharing the same common cockpit concept and design philosophy. This approach facilitates synergies for operators of these models in areas such as training, maintenance and support.

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