Eurofighter and NETMA Agree EUR 4bn Contract Extension for Material Availability Service

Eurofighter GmbH and the NATO Eurofighter 2000 and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) have signed a new agreement to continue the existing C#3 Material Availability Service Contract for a further 65 months. The deal represents a second service phase and runs from August 1st 2021 to December 31st 2026.

The agreement, valued at €3.9 billion, with options worth a further €0.9bn, reflects the strong collaboration between Eurofighter GmbH, the Eurofighter Partner Companies (EPCs) and NETMA in ensuring consistent high levels of availability of aircraft across all Typhoon fleets. The C#3 contract ensures that all the Eurofighter Typhoons in the core nations’ fleet remain available and operational through the planned provision of vital in service support, including equipment repairs, spares procurement, stock planning and logistics.

The contract enables the different national industry partners – Airbus Germany, Airbus Spain, BAE Systems and Leonardo— to satisfy and tailor the spares and repairs availability needs of their respective national customers.

Eurofighter GmbH Chief Operating Officer of Programmes, Giancarlo Mezzanatto said:

We are delighted to have secured this significant long-term support contract. It reflects the excellent track record in our service delivery and will further develop the trust we have built with our customers in sustaining their Typhoon fleets.

The NETMA Deputy General Manager, Ruediger Knoepfel said:

This new C#3 Contract is an important milestone to ensure the high level of availability of the Typhoon fleets. It is the right tool to make Readiness affordable to the Typhoon Nations.

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