EDGE Entity HALCON Signs Partnership with Rheinmetall Air Defence to Develop Multi-Sensor Unit

EDGE entity, HALCON, a regional leader in the design and production of guided weapon systems and beyond, has announced a partnership with Rheinmetall Air Defence in Switzerland, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art air defence and anti-aircraft systems and subsidiary of Rheinmetall.

Under the contract, Rheinmetall Air Defence will develop and qualify the truck-mounted Oerlikon Multi Sensor Unit (MSU), which is a remote controlled, rapidly deployable sensor unit. The MSU is part of the Oerlikon Skynex Air Defence System, which includes HALCON’s SKYKNIGHT counter rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) missile system.

Hamad Al Marar, President of Missiles & Weapons, EDGE, said: “Adequate air defence needs an encompassing, multi-layered approach. Rheinmetall Air Defence, an international leader in the development of air defence systems, thoroughly understands this approach and it is reflected in the sophisticated Skynex SKYKNIGHT Air Defence System. HALCON takes an active involvement in the systems development, having designed the SKYKNIGHT Missile and Missile Launcher Unit, providing a critical layer of protection against saturation attacks. 

“We are proud to be taking the next step in our partnership with Rheinmetall Air Defence, as the development of the MSU will be another notable contribution from HALCON. Signing this contract marks an important milestone as we continue to push the boundaries in the air defence domain and find new ways to safeguard our skies.”

Marco Parisi, Sales Director at Rheinmetall Air Defence, said: “Rheinmetall Air Defence is excited to collaborate with HALCON for the development of this state-of-the-art sensor system. It shows both companies’ commitment to providing the UAE with leading edge Air Defence Systems. The Oerlikon Skynex Air Defence System paired with HALCON’s SkyKnight Missile is the ideal solution for the protection of UAE’s most vital infrastructure.”

The MSU features a 4D active electronically scanned array search radar, covering 360° and is capable of automatically classifying detected targets and handing the generated tracks over to the most suitable gun or missile launcher autonomously or by the push of a button.

Development and qualification of the MSU will take place in Switzerland. Under a future contract, it will be initially produced in Switzerland and Italy, thereafter localised to enable production in the UAE.

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