Development of Defense Industries Is a Priority

International collaboration in defense technology is an extraordinary complex business. Different nations collaborate in defense technology for different reasons. These include the nature of the military threat, the structure of regional security alliances, defense and political ambitions, economic vitality and the level of technological and industrial development.

The military aspect of international trade in defense technology takes on added dimensions in East Asia, where nations , such as Japan and South Korea view defense collaboration as part of an overall industrial and technology strategy.

This can be seen in the way that they have organized their industrial bases to include defense production.

Many European defense executives have commented that Europe does not have a defense industrial base. Instead major companies that produce weapons also make consumer products and so are  part of one integrated industrial infrastructures.

Since 2010, there has been a 58% increase in the number of terrorist groups world-wide. Nations must collaborate and develop the prospects of the defense industries to improve the level of security in the world and spread tranquility and safety in the hearts of people and give them the moral motivation and psychological stability.

The working military forces is considered one of the important groups that can participate in wars which form the military capabilities in the country, and the military equipments and mechanisms. Thus, it is inevitable to work on the development of ammunitions of these armies.

In this context, the global site “ Global Fire Power” that is specialized in military capabilities affairs in the world revealed the list of the number of working armies in 126 countries. As for Lebanon it has occupied the 45 rank as the number of soldiers in the army counts 131,000 person.

Lebanon is one of the Arab countries that is in need to have military industries to provide all the basic requirements for the Lebanese Army. In this sense, the supporting of Metropolitan Trading & Services sro and Special Operation Group will release the opportunities to the security companies in Lebanon and Czech Republic to collaborate their forces together for better secure environment. 

Special Operation Group (SOG) entered the market of weapons proficiently and currently headed by Mr. Jihad Al-Annan, the president and CEO of this group.

It is meant to be the exclusive and the official distributor for the well-known world-wide weapons and industrial products, (B&T), Cezka Zbrojovka a.s (CZ) and Accuracy International (AI).

It holds the presidential degree, and it elevates by dealing with Lebanese Army Forces (LAF), International Security Forces (ISF), General Security (GS), State Security and Customs. It deals with the wide range of products ranging from bullets to the advanced sniper. In addition to the wide range selection of military equipment that satisfies all needs. Such security & defense groups help in developing and reinforcing the safety measures in our nation .

What Lebanon needs today is the formation of a national committee to organize the defense and security industries in collaboration with the Prime Ministry and comprising representatives from the Army Command and the Internal Security Forces and the Ministries of Interior, Defense, Finance, Industry, & Economy and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The mission of this committee is to identify the needs of army and present them to companies and investors in the private sector. This committee aims to reinforce the partnerships and co-operation of the Arab and International Military Industries. It also organizes the participation of Lebanese Companies in Defense Exhibition world-wide.

This committee also promotes the Local Defense and Security Exhibitions that collaborates in marketing the Lebanese product to a great extent. Likewise the Security Middle East Show (SMES 2015) that will take place at BIEL Beirut, Lebanon on September 8-10-2015, will focus on these issues: Combating Terrorism and Enhancing Industrial, Military and Security Capabilities. The Metropolitan Security sro surely will be one of the participants in this show in addition to other Lebanese companies that concern with the issue of security.

The concept of establishing a committee gets the interest and attention of the Lebanese State. Besides, the Lebanese Military and Security Institutions should strengthen their co-operation with the private sector to secure their needs. In addition investors and industrialists should provide the needs of the army and Security Forces and to transfer technology and knowledge to the country.

In conclusion, developing the domestic defense industry is a strategic sovereign decision.

                                                                                           Maha Sleem.

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