CP Plus Introduces i-Wizard, An Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

CP PLUS, a world leader in high performance security surveillance products and solutions introduces i-Wizard, an intelligent video surveillance IP solution including Cameras and NVRs, that not only provides extra high-definition image quality, but also brings more professional, convenient and intelligent video surveillance experience driving a comprehensive upgrade with smart functions.

i-Wizard technology supports triple streaming, each with its own codec, frame and bitrate. Two of the streams can support full HD Resolution and one stream is for remote viewing application.

The ultra 3D DNR feature enhances images by eliminating image noise and improving image clarity in low-light circumstances without creating ghosting and blurring. Further, with ultra WDR feature up to 120dB wide dynamic range can be realized, which greatly improves image clarity even under extreme lighting and backlight conditions.

i-wizard series uses ultra defogging feature which renders better image quality and clarity through an image correction algorithm even in extremely foggy conditions.

Enhanced Smart IR helps lighting adjustments as per the surroundings and can handle a vast range of lighting conditions.
Other features include smart Region of Interest (ROI), Electrical Image Stabilizer (EIS) and Edge based video content analysis. Smart ROI makes important area(s) clear even in low bitrate and thus saving the storage space. EIS helps to stabilize the image and clean it during high motion.

Edge based video content analysis offers several detections, such as, tripwire detection, intrusion detection, abandoned or missing object detection, defocus detection, face and audio detection.

In summary, i-wizard solution is highly innovative technology, providing advanced features, intelligent and self correcting features which make this a must have for all types of customers.

CP PLUS will be show casing its products and technology at the upcoming Intersec Expo in Dubai, from January 18-20, 2015. For more information about CP Plus products and technology pls visit CP PLUS Booth at S1 K18-C, Dubai World Trade Centre.

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