Bruker to introduce new, lightweight radiation detector at IDEX 2015

 A major solutions provider to the CBRNE community, Bruker Detection, will introduce the new SVG3™ lightweight radiation detector, at this year’s IDEX, Abu Dhabi. This high precision, handheld device uses a combination of Geiger-Mueller counting tubes and semiconductor detectors, and yet weighs less than 1.5 kg. Operational convenience is improved by the use of a single probe that detects alpha-, beta-, gamma-and x-ray radiation simultaneously. This single probe system is further enhanced by a feature that switches the SVG3 between measurement intervals and ranges automatically, without operator intervention.

Running from standard Li-Ion batteries, the system includes the alpha/beta/gamma/x-ray probe and an accessories pack, all contained within a robust transport case. A dedicated beta-/gamma-probe is available for users that require an extended measurement range for these radiation types.

The utility of the SVG3 is further enhanced by the inclusion of an integrated GPS module, linked to an internal data logger. Hardened to exacting Military Standards (MIL-STD), this new radiation detector also includes a capped USB port for a convenient download of the combined measurement/GPS data, so that these can be subjected to further analysis.

Alexander Mueller, Head of the Defence & Mobile Solutions business, commented: “Our new SVG3 offers users a high level of user convenience and accuracy in the exacting field of radiation detection. Our new combined probe helps to simplify radiation data collection, and this is enhanced by the automatic range switching embodied in our new product. Further, with only four push buttons required to control the instrument, it can be put into operation very quickly, leaving the user to concentrate on their primary task.”

“With SVG3 we are offering our user base a significant advance in technology that is smaller, lighter and smarter than its predecessor, the SVG2, which, for many years, has been in use with armed forces and emergency responders world-wide. The new SVG3 will give our clients increased confidence in being able to detect all types of radiation with both excellent detection performance and greatly simplified setup at the point of deployment.”

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