Big Data to Improve Pratt & Whitney Engine Performance

Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies Corp. company, is undertaking 14 different big data analytics projects in 2015 to improve engine performance and service offerings for customers.

 “In only one year, we have expanded our capabilities in big data exponentially,” said Matthew Bromberg, president, Pratt & Whitney Aftermarket.  “Improving the performance of our engines and maintenance predictability are two critical components of optimizing the value we give our customers.”

In one of the most successful development projects to date, Pratt & Whitney is building a predictive model to monitor engine event performance, leading to an increasingly proactive approach in maintenance planning and requirements.  This intelligence can help operators optimize fleet operations and reduce maintenance costs. 

The project, which initially focused on field operational data and system health information data from PW4000 100-inch engines, has been expanded to encompass similar data for all PW4000 engine models.  In 2015, Pratt & Whitney is identifying airline collaboration opportunities to optimize processes and develop critical model performance metrics that will further progress the company’s learnings.  In a separate project, a similar predictive analytics model is being built to support the V2500® engine fleet.

“We have a number of development projects underway, and we incorporate learnings as we go,” said Lynn Fraga, business analytics manager, Pratt & Whitney Engine Services.  “These programs will continue to evolve and grow over time, as we narrow our focus on services and metrics most important to our customers.” 

To incorporate both academic and industry leading expertise, Pratt & Whitney has expanded its collaborations to include IBM, the MIT Leaders for Global Operations, and the United Technologies Research Center.  Projects underway are looking at optimizing Pratt & Whitney’s engine leasing business, enriching the shop visit allocation process across Pratt & Whitney’s partner network, and analyzing shop visit pricing to enhance the company’s predictive maintenance cost model. These projects will advance Pratt & Whitney’s service capabilities leading to tangible value service offerings that will benefit customers. 

V2500 is a registered trademark of IAE International Aero Engines AG, a multinational aero engine consortium whose shareholders comprise Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Aero Engines International GmbH, Japanese Aero Engines Corporation and MTU Aero Engines.

Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, auxiliary power units, and small turbojet propulsion products.  United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Connecticut, provides high-technology systems and services to the building and aerospace industries.  To learn more about UTC, visit its website at, or follow the company on Twitter: @UTC.

This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning future business opportunities.  Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to changes in levels of demand in the aerospace industry, in levels of air travel, and in the number of aircraft to be built; challenges in the design, development, production and support of advanced technologies; as well as other risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to those detailed from time to time in United Technologies Corp.’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

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