Armed USV SANCAR ready for future missions MASS

With the developing technology, the frequency and variety of security threats have increased for the global navies. Autonomous unmanned surface vehicles integrate modern technology into military units by sensing the environment using sensor systems, performing crucial tasks such as ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) and defense without personnel within the scope of the requirements of digital battlefields. In the upcoming period, armed unmanned surface vehicles will become an inevitable force multiplier of modern navies and will respond to asymmetric threats.

In response to the needs of modern navies, HAVELSAN produced the SANCAR Armed Unmanned Surface (AUSV) Vehicle in cooperation with Yonca-Onuk Shipyard. Since modular construction technology is used in the production of SANCAR AUSV, additional payloads can be easily integrated into the platform to fulfill the expected duties while performing different tasks that may arise in the future.

SANCAR AUSV has a stable communication infrastructure without interruption, based on RF/GSM/SAT systems used all together. This enables it to perform operations on extended ranges effectively.

SANCAR AUSV is the first unmanned system deploying ADVENT ROTA (ADVENT C4ISR System designed for unmanned systems, which has come to life in many units of the Turkish Navy) as a mission system. SANCAR AUSV can be controlled from a mobile Ground Control Station, which has an ADVENT C4ISR mission system and is in accordance with NATO Interoperability Standards; thanks to this feature, it provides the ability to be deployed on other naval platforms using ADVENT. Thus, SANCAR can transfer tasks among different ships, performing network-centric operations with manned/unmanned platforms as a task group and easy adaptability for swarm operations. In this respect, SANCAR AUSV has a technology infrastructure that surpasses its global competitors.

Developed to autonomously fulfill the duties of port/base protection, search/rescue, intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, patrol, surface warfare, and mine countermeasures, SANCAR AUSV will minimize the risks for human life, and it will enable many tasks to be carried out more cost-effectively with modular payloads. As such, it has become one of the most versatile platforms designed.

Developed using autonomous systems technologies such as artificial intelligence and data fusion, it has a length of 12.73 meters, a width of 3.3 meters, and a displacement of 9 tons. The platform can reach over 40 knots and has a cruising range of over 400 nautical miles.

The platform, which can operate up to Sea State-4, also provides convenience in integrating weapon and electronic systems of different types and purposes, thanks to its modular structure. Considering the weapon systems, SANCAR AUSV has a 12.7 mm stabilized gun turret, and its defense capabilities can be increased by integrating a tactical missile system. Mini Ship Data Distribution System is also integrated into the platform. Another factor that makes SANCAR AUSV different is the integration of a telescopic mast with a navigation radar camera with a collision avoidance system. This structure again increases modularity and provides flexibility in using new systems.

SANCAR AUSV, a superior platform with many cutting-edge technologies, will prepare the world’s navies for the future operational environment.

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