Finland Will Purchase Heavy Patria 6×6 Vehicles

The Finnish Defence Forces will purchase heavy Patria 6×6 armoured vehicles from Patria within the Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) programme.

The Finnish Minister of Defence Antti Häkkänen has authorised the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to start a serial procurement of heavy armoured personnel carrier 6×6 vehicles from Patria.

The first phase of the acquisition will include one pre-series vehicle and 20 Kongsberg’s remote weapon stations which will be integrated in the vehicles.

The acquisition will also include an option for additional purchases of 18 vehicles as well as provisions for vehicle outfitting, maintenance, spare parts, and training.

“The heavy armoured vehicle variants deviate from Patria 6×6 basic vehicle variants with a higher protection rate and fire power which enables better cover for example in crisis management tasks. The heavy armoured Patria 6×6 vehicle with remote weapon systems is the end result of R&D teamwork of several countries”, says Jussi Järvinen, Executive Vice President of Patria’s Finland Division.
In addition to Finland, the programme currently includes Latvia, Sweden and Germany. The programme commenced in 2020, and around 700 Patria 6×6 vehicles has been ordered within the collaborative effort. The joint programme has raised interest also in other countries.

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