“Al Wtaid” Built by ADSB is the Ship of the Day at Navdex

The third ‘Ship of the Day’ being showcased at NAVDEX 2015, the largest naval defence exhibition in the region, has been unveiled today as “Al Wtaid”. NAVDEX is taking place all week, alongside IDEX – the world’s leading joint defence exhibition. Al Wtaid is a tugboat that works to perform search and rescue operations for other vessels requiring assistance in the local seas and surrounding coastline.

The Al Wtaid vessel works in proud association with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA), a specialized governing body that protects the critical infrastructure and coasts of the UAE.

The vessel houses the latest in sophisticated equipment to ensure a wide variety of equipment used to assist other vessels in need, operational rescue for people lost at sea, as well as the ability to help negate the environmental impact after oil spillages from tankers and oil rigs. Al Wtaid is also equipped with significant self-defense and force protection capabilities to ensure the necessary protection when at sea.

Al Wtaid was built by Dubai Ship Building and Engineering Company. Established in 1997 in order to cater for the growing needs of the ever expanding local marine industry, its sister company, Mubarak Marine L.L.C is one of the leaders in tug supply, salvage and tug operations in the Middle East. Al Wtaid and its builders work to reflect the great development seen in the region to protect vital coastlines in pursuit of sustainable development within the overall vision and forward-thinking approach of the UAE Nation.

The mission of the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) revolves around strategic planning coping with the changes seen around the UAE coastline. Since its establishment in May 2007, the authority has worked to provide the highest standards of security and ‎protection for the marine infrastructure. The Authority’s commitment towards implementing upheld security policies and regulations is in unison with governmental authorities and other security forces such as the UAE Armed Forces. ‎

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